Takeaway ordered to close due to food safety risk

An Indian takeaway in Birkenhead has been instructed to address issues with mice and insects prior to being permitted to resume serving patrons.

An inspection conducted by an Environmental Health Officer from Wirral Council on 2 February discovered indications of mouse and cockroach presence in multiple sections of the Saffron restaurant located on Borough Road.

The officer concluded that there was a serious risk of food contamination and served a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice on the proprietors, requiring the business to close. 

An application was submitted to Wirral Magistrates Court this week, which resulted in the granting of a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order. As a result, the establishment must remain closed until council officials are satisfied the health risk condition has been removed.

Cllr Helen Cameron, Chair of the Tourism, Communities, Culture & Leisure Committee for Wirral Council said, “I hope this action serves as a reminder to all businesses, who prepare and serve food to Wirral’s residents and visitors, that the highest possible standards of safety, hygiene and management are demanded – and when those standards become unacceptable, action will be taken.

“It should also provide reassurance to customers that the inspections of all food premises are carried out by suitably qualified and experienced environmental health officers; they are not just a ‘tick-box’ exercise. Enforcement action is a last resort – officers will usually give advice and a chance for proprietors to put things right before taking action.

“However, when serious issues persist and owners are not able or willing to address them properly, they can – and will – be prohibited from operating and serving food in order to protect the public.”

Mouse droppings in the staff toilet
Mouse droppings and gnawed materials in the kitchen
Cockroaches on top of a fridge in the kitchen

Food hygiene ratings for food businesses in Wirral can be viewed here

Images: WBC. Main image: Mouse droppings at the back of a fridge

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