Sweeping proposals to balance Wirral Council budget

Wirral Council has brought forward a broad range of proposals to streamline council services and bridge the £27 million gap in next year’s budget. 

The council is legally obliged to set a balanced budget or risk Government intervention, and the measures being proposed are intended to put the authority on a stable footing for the long-term. 

Year after year the authority has faced major gaps in its budget between the services it has been – and sought to continue – delivering, against increasing pressures and a falling income.  

Now the time has come to accept the authority cannot continue to try to deliver the same services that it provided 10-plus year ago and cut its cloth accordingly by grasping the opportunity to re-model the council’s approach to how it delivers services. 

This moment had been coming but the council’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the extra financial strain it created, laid bare the serious weaknesses in the authority’s finances. Despite additional Government funding to help in the COVID-19 response the council was stretched to near breaking point, resulting in the request for Government assistance. MHCLG – now DLUHC – agreed to help the authority on condition that independent “assurance reviews” were carried out into the authority’s finances and governance.  

The publication of these reviews has been a defining moment for the authority, and their combined effect is to have identified an urgency for Wirral Council as a whole to step up and make the changes that have been put off for too many years.

The external reports highlighted the fact that decision-making has not always reflected the financial ability of the council to deliver. It is now recognised that the council needs to make fundamental changes to the way it operates and put in place a robust and future-proof financial recovery plan to address the weaknesses in the council’s approach.  

This will mean not taking short-term fixes which store up more difficult problems for the future but instead focusing on providing future-proofed and sustainable delivery of high-quality services. We must now use this opportunity to streamline what the council does to better meet the demands and needs of Wirral while also supporting our ambitions to bring major regeneration to the borough and boost the local economy.  

The following budget proposals will lay the groundwork for the council to provide fewer but much more high-quality services, all within its financial means, in future years and to allow for investment in those areas and services which will best benefit the people of Wirral.  

At present no final decisions on any of the budget proposals have been made. The next step will be for members of the council’s cross-party Policy and Resources Committee to consider these proposals before a final decision on the budget will be made by all members of the council in February. 

Budget saving proposals for Children’s Services 2022/23

Wirral’s Children’s Services are focussed on breaking the cycle of poor outcomes and encouraging and enabling families to bring up children in safe, happy, and secure environments. 

The budget proposals for this area include:

PROPOSAL: Reduction of Historic Teachers Pensions Costs

The council is responsible for the costs of additional benefits awarded to teachers upon early retirement outside of the terms of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme. This is a legacy financial commitment where the cost is reducing over time and can be achieved through a simple budget reduction.

Saving: £200k

PROPOSAL: Alternative Accommodation Provision for Children Looked After

In order to reduce costs associated with external accommodation providers, the council plans to partner with a Community Interest Company to open four children’s homes for up to 16 young people over the next 2 years. 

Provision will include short-breaks, therapeutic provision for children and young people with learning disability/autism and mental health difficulties and expanding in-house provision at Willowtree for young people with disabilities. A registered housing provider will also be commissioned to offer care leaver accommodation.

Saving: £1m

PROPOSAL: Utilisation of Demand Reserve

This proposal is focused on service demand. A long-term saving will involve an alternative delivery model based on the Department for Education’s Family Safeguarding model. In the meantime, COVID funding will deliver the savings until the permanent model is in place. 

Saving: £467k

PROPOSAL: Children’s Services redesign and posts deletion/closure

This proposal will look to achieve efficiencies within the Directorate through removal of vacant posts, redeployment, and service realignment. 

Saving: £294k

PROPOSAL: Reduction in Adoption Orders

Wirral had a disproportionally high number of adoption orders in 2017/18 and 2018/19. This has impacted on the budget which funds the service via the Regional Adoption Agency. The funding formula for the regional adoption agency is currently based on the average number of adoption orders for the previous four years.

As these adoption order numbers pass out of the formula calculation over the next two years, Wirral’s contribution to the regional adoption agency will reduce.

Saving: 2022/23: £50k |  2023/24: £150k

PROPOSAL: Reduction in the Number of Looked After Children

In recent years, the overall children looked after (CLA) numbers in Wirral were higher than statistical neighbours. The numbers coming into care presently are more in line with neighbours. The cohort of children who joined during the earlier period are likely to remain in care until age 18, but as these pre-2019 children reach 18 we anticipate our CLA spending will reduce annually. 

Saving: £564k (22/23)

PROPOSAL: Review of Youth Offending Service

This proposal includes the removal of a post from the Youth Offending Service structure which is no longer required.

Wirral’s Youth Justice Service produces an Annual Strategic Plan which is approved by the Youth Justice Management Board and Council. The plan sets out the priorities and action for future delivery. It is anticipated that the service can continue to meet its statutory responsibilities and prevention approach without the additional post.

Saving: £25k

PROPOSAL: Special Educational Needs (SEND) Transport Review  

This option will include a service redesign which will look to reduce costs in home to school transport for children with SEND. The review will include changes to timings and routes, multiple drop offs, vehicle sharing and eligibility post 16.

Saving: £150k

PROPOSAL: Increase Funding for Placements from Health Clinical Commissioning Group and SEND

Social Care currently contributes the majority of funding (90%) towards residential placements whilst education contribute 4.45% and health 5.27% (as of April 2021). This proposal is seeking a more equal distribution of funding which will help secure this saving.

Saving: £200k

PROPOSAL: Redesign of Youth Offer

This proposal will seek to achieve savings through a review of current budgets and resource. It will include withdrawal of £150k from the Hive (in addition to the £200k withdrawn last year 2020/21), the removal of £108k from the Youth Service budget and deletion of one post from the Youth Service.

In 22/23 the Hive will continue to receive a £100k contribution from local developers.

Saving: £200k

Budget saving proposals for Regeneration 2022/23

This Directorate is leading Wirral Council on its hugely ambitious regeneration of the borough, and plays a significant role in promoting housing supply, providing wider place-based regeneration and local growth, and supporting cohesive communities.

The budget proposals for this area include:

PROPOSAL: Capitalisation of Regeneration Staff Salaries

Capitalisation of salaries will ensure the delivery of the council’s regeneration and economic growth programme, which is recognised as a once in a generation opportunity to address decline in Birkenhead and other areas across Wirral.

Saving: £1.4m

PROPOSAL: Cease Financial Contributions for the Provision of Community Alarms and Response Calls

It is proposed the council will cease the grant funding contribution to current eligible customers for the community alarm/response services charges. Notice will be given to the providers of this funding being withdrawn in line with current funding regime and agreement notice period. Registered providers will then each undertake their own review of the service provided to see how this would be managed with their residents.

Saving: £200k (22-23) | £100k (23/24)

PROPOSAL: Reconfiguration of Commissioned Homeless Accommodation

The homeless accommodation scheme in its current configuration is not fully meeting the demands being seen coming through the council’s housing options system. In partnership with service providers, we will look to reconfigure the service, adjusting parameters, including age restrictions, in order to meet demand and cater for wider client groups. Changes would result in the service having the ability to apply for intensive housing management eligible costs, thereby releasing the expenditure the council currently provides as part of a commissioned service.

Saving: £115k (22/23) | £37k (23/24)

PROPOSAL: The Closure of Nine Public Conveniences

Due to increasing maintenance costs, this proposal will see the closure of public conveniences, located mainly in coastal areas, with sites including Harrison Drive, New Brighton; Moreton Common; Moreton Cross; West Kirby Marine Lake; West Kirby Concourse (outside); Parade Gardens, Hoylake; Meols Parade; New Ferry and Thornton Hough.

Saving: £143k

PROPOSAL: Corporate Buildings – Holding Costs

Following changes in working arrangements due to the Covid pandemic, a number of council owned buildings are currently not in use, and it is proposed that a further review of them is undertaken, with savings anticipated from reduced utility costs, cleaning, materials etc.

Saving: £50k

Budget saving proposals for Law and Governance 2022/23

The core business of this department is to provide corporate and operational legal advice, assistance and support to the authority and its members, as well as responsibility for the co-ordination and efficient management of the decision-making processes of the Council.

The budget proposals for this area include:

PROPOSAL: Removal of Individual Member Budgets

In order to set a balanced budget for the 2021/22 budget year, the council had agreed to limit the budget to £1,000 per member with a view to the budget being reintroduced for 2022/23. However, given the current budget savings requirement that the council must meet to set a balanced budget, it is proposed that this budget now be removed altogether.

Saving: £250k

PROPOSAL: Reduction in the Number of Committees

The current re-design of the council’s committee structure will be accompanied by a re-design of the staffing requirement to support the number of meetings, members, and officers in the decision-making process.

Saving: £150k

PROPOSAL: Capitalise Salaries

This proposal will include a change to re-direct qualifying legal services salaries away from the council’s central budget to specific capital projects, which will enable a saving on net revenue costs. 

This type of expenditure is not considered to be a council overhead but a direct cost necessary to achieve a project or programme of projects.

Saving: £200k

PROPOSAL: Whole Council Elections

The council is currently undertaking a statutory consultation on changing the electoral cycle to whole council elections as of 2023. Over a 4-year period, the cost of running Local Authority elections is £1,024,200. The costs of running whole council elections, with the provision of funding for the event of by-elections, would be £520,000 over the same 4-year period

Saving: £125k

Budget saving proposals for Corporate Office 2022/23

The role of the Corporate Office is to ensure that Wirral Council is a high-performing, well-managed, strategic organisation. The office stands as a key interface between the Chief executive, Senior Leadership Team, Leader of the Council, Members and Key Stakeholders. 

The budget proposals for this area include:

PROPOSAL: Service Redesign

The Corporate Office will be redesigned to include the centralisation of corporate resources and more integrated and flexible teams. This work will be delivered over 18 months. The first phase of this will be achieved through the deletion of two vacancies across the Policy and Communications Teams and a reduction in the marketing budget. Phase two will be developed during 2022/23 and will align with the Change Programme service re-design schedule to explore opportunities for centralised corporate services.

Saving: £110k

Budget saving proposals for Adult Care and Health 2022/23

The Department provides or secures the majority of care and support services through adult social care, which is part of the wider health and social care system. 

The budget proposals for this area include:

PROPOSAL: Demand mitigation – Technology and Care Package Review

This proposal is an increased efficiency requirement for 2022/23 against the community care budget based on a range of case reviews, demand management approaches and care provider market shaping.

Saving: £3.89m

Budget saving proposals for Resources 2022/23

The Resources department includes all the professional services needed for the efficient running and sound financial management of Wirral Council. 

The budget proposals for this area include:

PROPOSAL: One Stop Shop Establishment Review

The One Stop Shop (OSS) Network has reduced in line with a reduction in visitors to OSS outlets. Savings are achieved by the removal of vacant posts which are no longer required.

Saving: £99k

PROPOSAL: Review of Treasury Activity

Debt management and investment opportunities cover a wide range of activities undertaken within Treasury Activity.

This proposal will look at investment opportunities, including social and green investment aims. Additionally, there is also potential for new revenue streams from alternative investments. Both will be balanced against risk and current income targets.

Saving: £500k

PROPOSAL: Revenues & Benefits Review and Restructure

This proposal includes a full review to examine every aspect of the service and its processes, looking to streamline as much as possible and removing wasteful/bureaucratic tasks from the service. This process includes the expansion and introduction of new automated processes.

The savings will be realised by a mixture of removing vacant posts from the existing structure which can be released from the review, together with streamlining management structures and a limited offer of early voluntary retirement.

Saving: £750k

PROPOSAL: Reduction of Strategic Change Revenue Budget

Partial funding of business change can be supported through flexible use of capital receipts for transformation, and this can therefore release revenue budget whilst enabling the service to deliver major business change to the council.

Saving: £650k

PROPOSAL: Restructure of Procurement and Commercial Teams 

Following an in-year staffing restructure that saw a central team of commercial officers restructured, this proposal seeks to remove the remaining budget for the team. Additional roles supporting income generation are in place within the relevant Directorates. 

Saving: £230k

PROPOSAL: Review of Finance Team Structure

This saving proposal, of reducing resources within the Finance function, is presented in recognition of the changes being put forward elsewhere in the council that will impact on the support services required. 

Saving: £50k

PROPOSAL: Cease Business Rates Contribution

It is proposed that the annual contribution to reserves to guard against successful appeals of business rates is halted. 

Saving: £696k

PROPOSAL: Modernisation of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Service

In order to improve the council’s digital offer, Microsoft are being engaged to support a Digital Transformation programme. As part of this programme the ICT services will be modernised which will see processes digitalised and automated. This will enable savings to be made across ICT.

Saving: £50k

PROPOSAL: Review of Business Support Unit

With the move to working from home, less stationery is being purchased and there is less of a requirement to provide courier services. Savings will therefore be made within the Business Support Unit in lines with these changes in working patterns. 

Saving: £20k

PROPOSAL: Review of Internal Audit – Income and Efficiencies

In addition to staff efficiencies the department will increase the selling of services to third parties, which will include new customers that have already been secured.

Saving: £80k

PROPOSAL: Reduction of Learning & Development Budget

This one-year temporary saving can be made as a result of the introduction of a new Learning Experience Platform, reduction in face-to-face delivery and optimising the apprenticeship levy. In addition to this the council have increased income which will be paid in 2022/23 tax year from the government apprenticeship start incentive payments which can be utilised to support learning and development.

Saving: £100k

PROPOSAL: Investment Statutory Override Pressure Removal

Councils had been granted a time limited special exemption on the way they account for financial investments.  If this exemption was not in place, this would present a pressure for the council of an estimated £1m.

This had previously been included as a pressure as the time limit was about to expire. However, the time period has now been extended meaning that the pressure can be removed from 2022/23.

Saving: £1m

Budget saving proposals for Neighbourhoods 2022/23

The Neighbourhood’s department is made up of the everyday functions that are key to the wellbeing of local areas and local people. The department includes a wide and varied range of universal, front-line services.

The budget proposals for this area include:

PROPOSAL: Review of Leisure Service

This proposal includes a full-service review of the council’s Leisure Services Division to consider all elements delivered and focus on removal of unnecessary cost and duplication, improved commissioning, and a lean target operating model. 

It is likely that there will be staffing implications as a consequence of the review, the totality of which cannot be identified at the present time. Any reduction in staffing numbers would be attempted to be achieved through EVR/VS, redeployment and/or retraining.

Saving: £178k

PROPOSAL: Highways Operational Services – Income exploration

This proposal will explore the commercial opportunities and internal promotion of the various services available through Highway Operational Services in order to create additional income generation. It will also seek to further expand other departmental work requests within the council from Assets, Education, Parks & Countryside, and third party works currently undertaken for service partners such as NHS and Wirral Older People’s Parliament.

Income: £30k

PROPOSAL: Closure of Europa Fun/Leisure Pool & Enhanced Gym Offer

This proposal includes the closure of the Leisure Pool (‘Fun’ Pool) at Europa Pools (wave machine, swimming pool features, flumes, etc). The option does not include the closure of the centre nor competition swimming pool which would continue to remain open. The service would also seek to repurpose the Leisure Pool, using the space to create a larger indoor gym offer and therefore increased income.

Saving: £246k plus £20k increased income from Gym offer

PROPOSAL: Increased Catering Across all Leisure Sites

This saving proposal would see an increase in income generation at the Sail Loft site through maximisation of customer numbers and sales. Further income could be generated through expansion of the service at different sites across the borough.

Income: £60k

PROPOSAL: Outdoor Water Sports Offer at West Kirby Marine Lake

This budget option is an income generation scheme that would utilise the Marine Lake for new outdoor activities. These activities have become popular during the pandemic as people have sought alternatives to indoor activities whilst restrictions were in place.

Additionally, there will be more opportunities for residents to become involved in new sports activities, as well as having the potential to attract additional customers at the Sail Loft site.

Income: £15k

PROPOSAL: Catering Pod at Leasowe Leisure Centre for Football Traffic

This proposal will look to establish an outdoor catering offer (catering pod) at Leasowe Leisure Centre. An extension of the council’s expanded in-house catering offer, the unit will primarily serve the high footfall football league traffic during the months of September – May. There is also scope to expand operation by re-locating the unit during the remaining months of the year. 

Income: £21k

PROPOSAL: Permanent Closure and Demolition of Woodchurch Leisure Centre

This option is for the closure of Woodchurch Leisure Centre. Due to the condition of the site, its low usage levels comparable with other sites, the required level of investment and the subsidy it carries, is proposed that the centre is then demolished to make way for a growth in outdoor leisure provision. The site adjacent to the Leisure Centre will see the construction of a new 3G Artificial Grass playing pitch and accompanying pavilion during the 2022-23 financial year. 

Saving: £402k

PROPOSAL: Temporary Closure and Remodeling of Bidston Tennis Centre 

The option would see the closure of the Tennis Centre (indoors) in Bidston for a 12-month period whilst a facility upgrade takes place at the site within the core of the building. It has been identified by an independent leisure consultant that the facility mix within the building does not complement local need or local demographic. Consequently, a redesigned centre will meet the needs of the local population and provide additional income. The new development would take out 3 indoor tennis courts and replace with extensive soft play and gymnastics offer. A second new 3G Astroturf pitch would also be built within the outside grounds of the site in a funding partnership between the Football Foundation and the Council with further income potential. 

Saving: £114k

PROPOSAL: Review of Golf Offer

This proposal will seek to generate savings through the closure of the two lowest income generating 18-hole golf courses, two leisure based recreational New Brighton sites and introduction of a new pricing/membership model for municipal golf. Brackenwood and Hoylake golf courses will close, along with Wallasey Beach and Kings Parade leisure sites. The two remaining golf courses will still provide a sufficient ‘golf offer’ to the residents of Wirral whilst substantially reducing the financial subsidy to the authority.

Saving: £328k

PROPOSAL: Exercise on Referral Programme

More about this option: Wirral’s Leisure Services Team has a pool of qualified professionals who will be commissioned by health partners to provide patients with an opportunity to engage in a structured programme of physical activity or exercise by working with a qualified exercise professional to provide a positive introduction to being active.

Income: £100k

PROPOSAL: Reprovision of the Library Service

This saving is associated with the development of a new operating model in libraries which will consolidate and realign the current libraries estate and resources to provide a comprehensive and efficient service for all who wish to use it. 

The new operating model will retain four central libraries and four community libraries, as well as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) only provision co-located in community assets. The home reader service will remain for residents who cannot access a traditional library, as will the council’s digital library and online offer. 

In addition, the service will invest in a Mobile Library with a 3,000-book capacity to ensure hard to reach communities have access to a library service. 

The saving will be achieved through library closures, service realignment and a staffing restructure.

Full details of the new Libraries Operating Model will be available online from 10 January

Saving: £814k

Additional Information

The current library service runs at a high cost, many libraries are underused, staffing is stretched and there is a shortage of funding for books, IT facilities and building maintenance and modernisation. The total footfall in Wirral’s libraries has decreased by nearly 30% and this is coupled with an almost 50% decline in active borrowers, and a 57% decrease in book loans over the last decade (excluding COVID-19 impact). If this proposal is taken up there will initially be appropriate consultation on the option. If approved the new operating model will retain four central libraries and four community libraries, as well as RFID-only (self-service) provision co-located in community assets. The Home Reader Service will remain for residents whose needs are greatest and cannot access a traditional library as will the council’s digital library and online offer. This will allow the service to focus its resources providing a consistent offer to residents at the remaining sites. The new service will also include a Mobile Library to ensure extended provision including to hard to reach and potential new communities have access to a library service.

At present no final decisions on any of the budget proposals have been made. The next step will be for members of the council’s cross-party Policy and Resources Committee to consider these proposals before a final decision on the budget will be made by all members of the council.

PROPOSAL: Floral Pavilion – New Operating Model

This option would reduce the operational budget for the Floral Pavilion Theatre and Conference Centre, whilst increasing the amount of income generated by the venue. The venue does attract a subsidy however this has diminished in recent years due to improved management and this trend of working towards a leaner operating model with greater income potential is expected to continue.

Saving: £350k – £400k

PROPOSAL: Standardisation of Residents Parking Permits

This proposal will look to standardise charges for residents parking permits for existing and new residents parking schemes to cover all operational running costs including the council’s set-up, maintenance, administration, and enforcement costs for existing and new schemes.

Income: £110k

PROPOSAL: Fleet Efficiencies in Transport – Going Green

This budget saving option is to appoint an independent expert to undertake a no-cost ‘Green Fleet Review’. This review will examine the existing fleet in terms if vehicle choice, fuel economy and recommend mileage reduction strategies.

Saving: £20k

PROPOSAL: Capitalisation of Highways Salaries

All highways and transport approved schemes for 2021/22 are funded from the Combined Authority allocation for Integrated Transport Block (ITB), which is £1.15m. It is anticipated that the new City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement allocation for Wirral over 5 years from 2022 will be between £5m and £11m. 

Revenue savings can be achieved by increasing capital recharges – that is staff time spent on individual schemes.

Saving: £15k

PROPOSAL: Highway’s Maintenance Contracts 

This proposal will see a reduction in the highway lining and the street furniture budgets. This will include seating, guard rails, signs, and bollards.

Saving: £25k

PROPOSAL: Streetlighting Service Savings

Due to the introduction of the new LED lanterns programme, savings can be made through ceasing night-time lighting inspections. In addition, the capital investment for illuminated signage has enabled us to replace all the illuminated bollards with reflective surfaces, therefore savings can also be made within the illuminated signage budget.

Saving: £50k

PROPOSAL: Car Park Maintenance – 1 Year Budget Reduction

This proposal will see a revenue saving from the car parks maintenance budget for 1 year only. A budget will remain for essential safety repairs to potholes etc.

Saving: £50k

PROPOSAL: Transport Efficiencies

This proposal will include a review of the in-house fleet, such as the outsourcing of the tyre fitting supply, repair, and fitting service. A management restructure is also planned in order to realign the service and create workforce efficiencies.

Saving: £70k

PROPOSAL: Special Educational Needs (SEN) Transport Review

This proposal focuses on the outsourcing of the in-house SEN adult transport service. Savings are based on the average cost of the current external provision compared to in-house provision, plus outsourcing of tyre supply, repair, and fitting service.

Saving: £0 in 22-23 then £118k in 23-24

PROPOSAL: Eco and Forest School Income

The council provides a well-established and highly regarded Eco Schools programme and has been developing a Forest Schools initiative. Such provision is currently offered to schools free of charge. This proposal sets out an opportunity to implement a charge for parts of these programmes.

Income: £20k

PROPOSAL: Tree Management Team Commercial Offer

The primary purpose and function of the Tree Risk and Inspection Team is to inspect and manage the council’s tree stock (both highways and parkland) and mitigate any risk associated. However, there is some capacity within the inspection team to conduct tree inspections and provide management advice for partnering organisations and other landowners. 

Income: £25k income

PROPOSAL: Market Rental for Park Café

This option will seek to increase the income received from rents, specifically for the rent of a café at Royden Park by a commercial operator.

Income: £10k

PROPOSAL: Income Increase on Allotments

This option would seek to increase the income received from allotments by increasing the annual fees charged to allotment holders.

Income: £50k

PROPOSAL: Increase in Charges for Waste and Environmental Services

This proposal would see an increase in charges (income) for a range of services provided by Waste and Environmental Services (including garden waste collection service subscription, skip permits, collection of bulky items, collection of waste and recycling from schools and cost to supply a new wheelie bin), as well as freezing the litter bin budget for one year and annual contract efficiency savings.

Income: £462k

PROPOSAL: Removal of Vacancies in Environmental and Waste Team

This option seeks to approve a post for early voluntary retirement (EVR) from the Waste and Environmental Services Team, plus not filling of existing or new vacancies.

Saving: £100k

PROPOSAL: Suspension of Climate Emergency Initiatives

This saving proposal would see the suspension of the budget for climate emergency action plan projects, for the period of one year. External funding will be sought to continue environmental projects where available.

Saving: £250k

PROPOSAL: Remodeling of Street Cleansing, Plus Special Events

This option would see the removal of the additional community permanent presence street cleansing service in some areas of the borough, as well as the removal of the budget for cleansing of special events e.g., River of Light, Cycling Tour of Britain, Giants etc. Removing this budget would result in cleansing costs for special events being charged out to promoters/organisers.  

Saving: £214k

PROPOSAL: Cease Overtime Budget in Parks 

This Savings option would review the use of the additional hours budget, given the reduced maintenance and cessation of green spaces.

Saving: £15k

PROPOSAL: Redesign Parks Service Reducing Maintenance and Service Costs

This option will focus on service reduction and maintenance in parks. It will include the cessation of public firework displays, a reduction in maintenance cuts from 10 to 8 per annum, ceasing maintenance in open spaces including up to 10-15 local parks, and ceasing maintenance of 50% of the remaining parks. Local parks which also have play areas, football pitches or bowling greens etc have been excluded from this list.

Saving: £655k

PROPOSAL: Income Strategy – Cemeteries and Crematorium Service 

This option would provide increase choice for bereaved families with regards to burials and memorials and offer corporate sponsorship opportunities within Wirral’s Cemeteries and Crematorium grounds for funeral directors.

Income: £53k income

PROPOSAL: Review of Anti-Social Behaviour Team

This option will involve an alternative service delivery model and reduction of one post. The Team will continue to prioritise the statutory functions and consider the impact on the Community Safety Strategy. 

Saving: £50k

PROPOSAL: Review Engagement Officer Secondment

This proposal will seek agreement to not backfill an Engagement Officer for one year secondment to Regeneration.

Saving: £35k

PROPOSAL: Reduction in Community Patrol Service

This option would see a redesign of the Community Patrol Service to an Out of Hours / High Demand service only (the CCTV and Control Room Function will remain 24/7, 365).

Saving: £150k

PROPOSAL: 50% Reduction in School Crossing Patrol Service

The service has 80 established sites but traditionally carries a number of vacancies due to difficulties in recruiting to the role. This option will require the permanent deletion of the 18 vacant sites plus the closing of at least a further 25 sites to be achieved by reprioritising of sites into highest risk areas / highest number of peds crossing.

Saving: £100k (22/23) £40k (23/24)

PROPOSAL: Cessation of Constituency Team and Remodeling of Section 

This saving presents the deletion of the Constituency Team and Redeployment of officers where possible. The saving will be achieved through associated staffing reductions.

Saving: £346k

PROPOSAL: Introduction of an Overnight Camper Van Parking Charge in New Brighton

This option will focus on income generation from introducing an overnight parking charge for leisure vehicles (motorhomes / campervans) on the coastal areas of New Brighton.

There is currently no charge for overnight parking. New Brighton has seen regeneration and an increase in tourism in recent years. The proposal will help to manage overnight parking in this area which has also seen a significant growth particularly since the start of the pandemic.

Income: £35k

PROPOSAL: Deletion of Vacant Posts

There are a number of vacant posts across the Neighbourhoods Directorate. This option would see these posts deleted to achieve the savings.

Saving: £302k

PROPOSAL: Reduction in The Budget for Office Related Expenditure

This proposal is made up of a reduction in Neighbourhoods budgeted expenditure for office related expenses such as printing and paper services, lighting, electricity, heating, etc.

Saving: £23k

PROPOSAL: Review of the Neighbourhood Services Directorate

A fundamental review of the Neighbourhood Directorate will take place in order to drive efficiencies and realign service. This will be achieved through an EVR process that will commence in early January. 

Statutory services within this Directorate will not be affected by the review.

Saving: £360k

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