Suspicious package reported in Greasby confirmed to be safe

Emergency services attended Leslie Avenue in Greasby this afternoon (Tuesday 29 March) following a report relating to a suspicious package in a garden.

Merseyside Police Officers were called just before 1pm and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) attended to assess the package and a cordon was put in place.

The item was confirmed to be safe and those who had been evacuated from neighbouring properties allowed to return to their homes and roads were re-opened.

A police spokesperson said, “We would like to thank local residents for their patience and understanding while emergency services dealt with the incident.”

Guidance for the public if they find a suspicious package

No unattended item should be ignored, but should always be assessed proportionately, considering what can be seen and anything you know about its discovery.

For example, in the case of unattended hand luggage, it may be possible to ask if its owner is nearby. However, when an item has been hidden from view deliberately, or has visual clues suggesting it may be hazardous – wires, circuit boards, batteries, adhesive tape, liquids, putty-like or unusual substances – or has been found after a suspicious event; an immediate and focused response is required.

This will involve telling someone what you have seen and why you think it is suspicious.

If you believe any unattended item represents a potential risk to life, you MUST report it as soon as possible and alert those nearby.

When dealing with any item you believe to be suspicious, act as follows:

  • Do not touch it
  • If you are in an owned public space, or a managed building, report it to a member of staff or security (if available). If they are not available, dial 999 but DO NOT use your mobile phone within 15 metres of the item you believe is suspicious and place yourself out of line of sight of the item.
  • If you believe there may be a risk to life, move away at least 100 metres from the item. Even for a small item, such as a rucksack, 100 metres is the recommended minimum evacuation distance, but always follow any directions given by the police or security staff (see Guidance for Staff for a full breakdown of evacuation distances).
  • Once at a safe distance, stay behind hard cover and away from secondary hazards, such as glazed areas or parked vehicles, and do not re-enter the evacuated area until the police direct it is safe to do so.

Remember: If you think it’s suspicious, SAY SOMETHING


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