Survey on vision for Bebington’s streets now live

A survey about the final design created in direct response to the needs of Bebington residents, businesses, and schools, is now live.  

People who live in a one square mile area between Town Lane, Heath Road, and Mayer Park are invited to give their views on the latest draft of the new-look vision for Bebington’s streets.  

Suggested design improvements include better footpaths and pavements, safer streets around schools, potential new cycleways, more bins, and better lighting.  

The design was created by the charity Sustrans as part of By Ours Bebington, a community project in partnership with Wirral Council, where the whole neighbourhood works together to design safer, healthier streets for everyone. 

Residents and businesses received the latest By Ours Bebington survey through their doors and the survey is online at

There are also two drop-in events  to fill out the survey on 12 July and an online event on 18 July. 

Bebington residents first gave their views about what they liked about their neighbourhood streets, and what they would like to change in a household survey in June 2022. There were workshops and drop-in events, where all sections of the community could contribute their ideas. 

Top issues people highlighted were litter and street cleanliness, traffic safety for walking and cycling, and that Bebington is not a pleasant place to cycle in.

Residents requested more plants and greenery, as well as benches and places to sit and rest. Respondents also said less pavement parking, slower traffic, and safer crossings would all improve their streets. 

Designers created a draft vision of Bebington’s streets based on peoples’ comments. Residents and businesses were invited to attend workshops in February to give their views. The final design was updated to reflect these views. 

It features a network of safe and pleasant walking routes throughout Bebington, with new controlled crossings, safer junctions and suggested traffic and parking restrictions. Plans also include potential new cycleways, safer streets around schools, improved green spaces and more planting, bins and lighting.  

Cllr Ed Lamb said, “It’s so exciting to see these plans on paper. Sustrans have done a fantastic job working with residents, schools, local businesses and community groups to shape the project.

“We would encourage everyone connected to Bebington to take part in the survey and share their thoughts on the draft design. Bebington is such a great place to live, work and study but we are hopeful that the proposals would improve things massively for residents and businesses alike.”

Paul Riley, Sustrans project officer for By Ours Bebington said, “Thanks to everyone who has contributed their views so far. This is the final chance to have your say.  

“This vision for Bebington’s new-look streets was led by local people from the start and was created in direct response to what residents, business and schools told us were issues on their streets.  

“Our urban designers created a design which will help to make the streets cleaner, safer, and more pleasant places for people. It includes practical suggestions on the streets for a safer walking and cycling network, as well as cleaner, green spaces and places to sit and rest.  

“We’ve made some changes based on what people told us in February when we launched the plans. We would love to hear your views on the final design. Please do check you are happy with it and fill out the survey.” 

Cllr Liz Grey. Chair of Wirral Council’s Environment, Climate Emergency and Transport Committee, said, “Consultation has been at the heart of this project to create a design for making Bebington’s streets safer and more pleasant for everyone and now we need people to help us make the next step.

“The initial designs have been adjusted and amended based on feedback from people at earlier stages and this will be a chance to have your say before the work is presented to the council committee later in the year to look at how the design work could be implemented and funded.

“Please take the time to get involved this summer and help draw up the best way to make this area in Bebington an even more special place to live, work and travel around.” 

The next step following the survey is for the design to be revised based on feedback. A report on the project will then go to the relevant Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council committee for consideration and subject to the necessary approvals to identify and seek capital funding. 

By Ours works with residents, businesses, and schools to improve local streets. The whole community comes together to design a vibrant neighbourhood with cleaner air, where more people walk to shops and services, stop and chat to each other, and children can play out. 

By Ours is a partnership project with Sustrans, Wirral Council, and Liverpool City Region, funded by the Freshfield Foundation. 

It is one of two community engagement projects in Liverpool City Region that are helping local people take action to deliver safer, healthier streets for everyone. 

If you are a resident in the By Ours Bebington project area, please fill out the survey at: 

Alternatively, you can attend drop-in events to fill out the By Ours Bebington survey on: 

Wednesday 12 July, 5.30-7,30pm at Bebington Royal British Legion, 289 Teehey Lane CH63 8QS 

Tuesday 18 July, Online – Register at: 

View the design here

For more information and to register for events please visit: 

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