Stunning video of ice sculptures at Wirral beach to highlight COP26 and climate change

Artists from Sand In Your Eye installed 26 ice sculptures of children on New Brighton Beach last weekend, that were set in a giant 120m sand drawing.

The artwork was to highlight the importance of the global climate conference COP26. They were be joined by 26 children and their families who stood by the sculptures holding plaques with the names of global leaders.

Claire Wardley from Sand In Your Eye described the event before it took place; “The 26 ice sculptures of children are a metaphor for the fragility of our young people’s future in the face of climate change, for melting ice caps, and for rising sea levels as the tide comes over them.

“Each ice sculpture will be joined by a child or siblings that will hold a plaque with the name of a global leader as a personal call to action. The ice sculptures will be set in a giant 120m sand drawing of text that will read “COP26, NET ZERO 2050, make a plan for our future”. The letters will be so large that the children and their families will draw within them the future that they would like to see.”

Jamie Wardley from Sand In Your Eye said, “My wife and I have two young children. The more we learn about climate change, the more concerned we become as parents. The rapid change in climate is linked directly to mass extinctions that the earth has experienced in the past. I think that from COVID-19 we have learnt that the human race is indeed very sensitive and vulnerable to disturbance.

“At the moment we are the cause of climate change and have the opportunity to stop it. However, there are tipping points such as the arctic permafrost defrosting and releasing tonnes of carbon that will accelerate climate change and cause a chain reaction that will be unstoppable.

“However, measures can be taken that will stop climate change and it is evident that this is what young people want. They will inherit our future economy and those countries and industries that adapt and embrace the green revolution will prosper.”

The event was self-funded by Sand In Your Eye and supported by Bezmond films, as well as 100 volunteers. It took place between 9:30am until 1:30pm when the ice sculptures and the sand drawing were washed away by the tide.

Before the event took place
Creating the sand drawing
The finished sand drawing
Children with the ice sculptures
Ice sculptures being taken by the sea
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