Standardised parking charges introduced from next week

Standardised charges for parking in council-operated public car parks and parking spaces come into effect from next week. 

The changes mean that, from Monday 6th September, the same tariff will apply to all council-run car parks and on-street parking spaces right across the borough. Previously rates differed from location to location. 

The new charges can be summarised as £1 per hour for every hour up to four hours. Parking for more than four hours will be charged at a new all-day rate of £5. It is the first review of car parking charges in Wirral since 2017. 

Annual parking permits are available for traders at £600 per year and permits for use at Wirral’s country parks – Wirral, Arrowe, Eastham and Royden – are available for all users at £100 per annum. 

Payment for parking across Wirral is currently cashless. Motorists can pay for parking by using the Just Park app –  – by telephone, following the instructions on the meter, or by card using contactless or PIN. 

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