St. Mary’s Catholic College students perform ‘Shrektacular’ musical at Floral Pavilion

Students from St. Mary’s Catholic College, Wallasey, put on two sold-out evening performances of Shrek the Musical at the Floral Pavilion.

More than 100 students ranging from Year 7 to Year 13 took part in the comedic fairy tale about the grumpy and solitary ogre, Shrek, who undergoes a transformation after falling in love with Princess Fiona, in a performance that included singing and dancing, entertaining an audience of over 1,500 with a professional and unforgettable show.

Title character, Shrek, was played by Matthew Butterworth and Fiona was portrayed by Keira Massey. Tom Jones took on the role of the infamous Lord Farquaad whilst Joseph Thurlow played the humorous Donkey. Pinocchio was portrayed by Nikolah Griffiths and the dragon by Rachel Blair. 

In addition to the St. Mary’s Catholic College students, the school engaged younger children from local primary schools and primary schools in the Holy Family Catholic Multi Academy Trust to participate in the play.

Children from six different primary schools participated in workshops over a three week period which were hosted by Mrs Hickey who is head of dance at St Mary’s. The pupils learnt a choreographed piece and went on to perform it on stage during the production. 

On the night, staff and other students played their own part and worked front of house, selling raffle tickets and programmes in support of the production. Many seats in the sold-out theatre were occupied by current and past students, with previous cast members of last year’s performance, Legally Blonde, visiting from university to watch and assist backstage. 

Mr John McDonald, headteacher of St Alban’s Catholic Primary School, said, “From the start of rehearsals to the final show, the children of St Alban’s benefitted from the great experiences provided for them from St Mary’s, leading to one or two with sights fixed on the West End. The professionalism of the students and staff at St Mary’s and the joy on the night leaves such lasting and happy memories.”  

Miss Ally Keen, head of performing arts at the college, commented, “St Mary’s Catholic College has the highest ambition for all its students. Relationships are at the heart of everything at St Mary’s and this year really epitomised this with former students showing up to give support to their former schoolmates. It is wonderful to see our supportive and kind community continue to grow.” 

Headteacher of St Mary’s Catholic College, Mr Kevin Maddocks, added, “As one more in a long line of successful performances, I think it’s safe to say that the performing arts department and the wonderful students of St Mary’s Catholic College really do know how to put on a show!” 

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