St George’s Hall gets Royal seal of approval

St George’s Hall has placed the Royal Cypher of King Charles III on the famous Willis Organ in the Great Hall.

The cypher is the Sovereign’s official monogram, consisting of the initials of the monarch’s name, Charles, and title, Rex – Latin for King, alongside a representation of the crown.

The trustees of St George’s Hall commissioned the artwork to commemorate the accession to the throne of King Charles III.

The Grade I-listed structure is one of His Majesty’s favourite buildings, and he officially reopened it in 2007 following restoration work.

The cypher will be on display for the first time at a special organ recital of ‘Eurovision Classics’ on Wednesday, 10 May.

Claire Dove, chair of the Trustees of St George’s Hall, said, “We are delighted as a trust to be able to have the opportunity to commemorate King Charles III’s Coronation, particularly as His Majesty has a long-standing role in supporting and championing St George’s Hall, recognised as one of the finest buildings in Europe.

“It has enabled the trustees to preserve, protect and enhance the history of the iconic hall.”

Alan Smith, Head of Heritage Preservation and Development at Liverpool City Council, said, “The hall has a long-standing link with Coronations.

“The foundation stone of the hall had been laid on 28 June 1838 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne, and now the cypher being in place on the organ for King Charles’s Coronation maintains its Royal link.

Ricardo Gooden from RSTA Gooden, who produced the cypher, said, “It is with great pride I have been afforded the opportunity to produce and install the Royal Cypher of King Charles to be placed on the Willis organ in St George’s Hall.

“I have been working as an artisan plaster on the hall since 2006 and the installation of the cypher is one of the pinnacles of my work.”

Image: John Davies and Ricardo Gooden from RSTA Gooden installing the cypher

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