Spectacular Moon mission photographs at Williamson Art Gallery

Apollo Remastered at Birkenhead’s Williamson Art Gallery & Museum will showcase spectacular images from Andy Saunders’ extraordinary bestselling book on a never-before-seen scale.

The original NASA photographic film from the Apollo missions is some of the most important and valuable film in existence. It is securely stored in a frozen vault at Johnson Space Center, Houston.

It never leaves the building – in fact, the film rarely leaves the freezer.

The images it contains include the most significant moments in our history, as humankind left the confines of our home planet for the first time and set foot on another world.

For half a century, almost every image of the Moon landings publicly available was produced from a lower-quality copy of these originals. Until now…

Apollo Remastered lands at Williamson Art Gallery & Museum on April 28 2023, showcasing images from Andy Saunders’ extraordinary book of the same name. Saunders invites viewers to explore the Moon landings in spectacular high definition for the very first time.

By applying painstaking care and cutting-edge enhancement techniques, he has created the highest-quality Apollo photographs ever produced.

The exhibition of these images at the Williamson will be the biggest staged anywhere in the world to date. It will present the photographs on a large scale, offering awe-inspiring insight into one of our greatest endeavours.

Williamson Art Gallery & Museum curator Niall Hodson said, “The grainy black and white images of the Apollo missions loom large in everyone’s imagination. These new high-definition photographs are a revelation.

“It is almost like you are there in the lunar module, you can see everything so clearly. I am delighted that people across Merseyside and the North West will have the chance to see these images from the Apollo missions at the Williamson in Birkenhead – the only place they’ll have been shown in England outside London.”

Pre-Apollo, 11th–15th November, 1966, HASSELBLAD SWC 70MM. LENS 38MM F/4.5. BY BUZZ ALDRIN, NASA ID: S66-62922_G12-S
Apollo 17, 13th December, 1972EVA-2, HASSELBLAD 70MM. LENS 60MM F/5.6. BY GENE CERNAN, NASA ID: AS17-137-21001 TO 21013
PRE-APOLLO, 3rd–7th June, 1965, HASSELBLAD 70MM. LENS 80MM F/2.8. BY JIM MCDIVITT, NASA ID: S65-30427_G04-H

Images: NASA / JSC / ASU / Andy Saunders

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