Signed copy of Paul McCartney book sells for £1,000 after being donated to West Kirby Oxfam

A first-edition, signed copy of Sir Paul McCartney’s book ‘Paintings’ has sold for an impressive £1,000 after being donated to a local Oxfam shop. 

The hard-back book – which showcases the Beatles’ singer’s artwork collection – was generously donated to Oxfam’s West Kirby shop last month by one of their regular shoppers.

The generous donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has become known locally as the ‘Autograph Man’ for gifting several signed objects to the shop.

His previous donations have included an envelope signed by astronaut Neil Armstrong which sold for £400, a postcard signed by the cast of the TV show Friends for £150, a Marvel comic signed by Stan Lee for £195 and another signed Paul McCartney book ‘Blackbird Singing: Poems & Lyrics’ for £800 – among other donations.

The book of Sir Paul McCartney’s paintings went for sale on Oxfam’s online store on 30 January after being thoroughly researched by the shop’s team and sold overnight for an impressive £1,000.

Jaine Langford, Oxfam Shop Manager at West Kirby, said, “The generosity of our donors never fails to amaze me. 

“One of our donors, who we call the ‘Autograph man’, regularly visits us to shop with us, buys us coffees and has brought in some incredible donations.

“He came in one day at the end of last month and gave me the book and said, ‘I think this one will make a lot of money for Oxfam’. 

“When I saw what it was, I was delighted because I knew how much people love the Beatles.

“Once it went online, I was absolutely thrilled to see that it had sold for £1,000. 

“Oxfam will put that money to good use and we couldn’t be more grateful.”

Rachel Cosgrove-Pearce, Head of Retail Operations, said, “We are so grateful to everyone who donates to our Oxfam stores and donations like these are extra special. 

“Thanks to the kindness of our donors, sales like these help to raise vital funds that allow Oxfam and the communities we work with to tackle poverty around the world.”


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Front cover of Sir Paul McCartney’s book Paintings. Credit: Oxfam+Kira Adams
The signature inside the book. Credit: Oxfam+Kira Adams