Seven sailors rescued during ‘unexpected squall’ on River Dee


West Kirby Lifeboat was called out to assist in bringing in 7 sailors who were all capsized by an unexpected squall while out race training on the River Dee yesterday afternoon.

The ILB Seahorse launched in heavy seas and strong winds and was on the scene in minutes commencing a search for casualties.

The wind was gusting up to 38 knots and Hoylake’s Shannon class lifeboat ‘Edmund Hawthorn Micklewood’ was made ready to launch by her volunteer crew.

The local event rescue picked up for the sailors and eventually all were accounted for. The Lifeboat attempted to recover the boats, however, 3 were left unaccounted for before failing light forced the West Kirby Lifeboat to return to Station.

Some of the sailors were cold and a little bit bruised, but otherwise no worse off for the experience. They were handed over to the Local Coastguard Officers for further care.

A spokesperson said, “The organisers were absolutely right in calling for the Lifeboat help as soon as the squall hit.”

Mike Warburton helmed with, William Jones and Nathan Sandall as Crew. BV Driver Chris Gatenby, Launch Commander Tom Clarke, Shore Crew, Andy Roberts, Clare Rogers, Mike Hearty, Stu Holloway, Neil Potter, DLA Andrew Brown, Ed Rowland and Dave Henshaw.

Image: RNLI/David Edwards

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