‘Sea serpent’ captured on camera at Wirral docks

An incredible, unidentified sea creature has been caught on camera by a photographer who was taking photographs along Tower Road between Birkenhead and Wallasey.

Olaf Proli is a Norwegian trucker who found some time on his hands whilst waiting for the ferry to Dublin from Birkenhead. Being a keen photographer, Mr. Proli decided to explore the area around Twelve Quays and take some photographs of the surroundings.

birkenhead.news spoke to Mr. Proli about what happened. We asked, how come he was taking photographs of the docks on such a grim day. “I have always been interested in photography since I was a little boy.”, he said. “My father was Russian (hence the surname) and he loved Russian cameras – he gave me a Zenit E for my tenth birthday and I haven’t stopped taking photos since!”

“I was laid up waiting to take my truck to Ireland, but there was a wait until the departure time for the ferry, so I took my camera out and went for a little walk.”, he told us. He had a look around the area and noticed a sunken ship in the docks and thought it would make an ideal subject for a photograph.

Mr. Proli took the photographs and these below are some of them. At first glance, there appears to be nothing out of the ordinary in the images.

Photo 1

Image credit: Olaf Proli

Photo 2

Image credit: Olaf Proli

Photo 3

Image credit: Olaf Proli

Mr. Proli continued his story, “I took the photos and went back to my truck and quickly reeled through them on the screen on the back of the camera, just to see what photos I had.”

He then packed his camera away and loaded his truck onto the ferry over to Dublin. After dropping off his delivery, he drove back home to Norway and that is when things started to get a bit weird!

“I transferred the photographs from the memory card to my computer, so that I could make the usual adjustments – brightness, contrast, saturation, that kind of thing.”, Mr. Proli explained.

Now that he could see the photos for the first time on a big screen, he could see more detail and what he saw blew his mind.

“I was editing the photos and was happy that I had captured the sunken ship in a dramatic way.”, he said. “Then I zoomed in on one of the photos because I saw something that I though might be a piece of dust.” When Olaf zoomed in, he couldn’t believe his eyes – this is what he saw on the photos above.

Photo 1

You can just see the sea serpent’s head sticking out of the water – zoom in for a closer look. Image credit: Olaf Proli

Photo 2

Again, you can see the sea serpent’s head, but this time with a wake behind it – zoom in for a closer look. Image credit: Olaf Proli

Photo 3

The most terrifying photo of the lot – the sea serpent stalks Mr. Proli and takes a long, hard look at him – zoom in for a closer look.
Image credit: Olaf Proli

Mr Proli said about photo number 3, “I just didn’t see the sea serpent looking at me! I’d have been terrified if I had have seen it on the day”, he said, his voice trembling.

“You can see that the sea serpent has circled around a couple of times and then come for a closer look at me – I wonder what it was thinking – did it look at me thinking of his next meal?”

Mr. Proli was clearly shook up about the whole episode. “With my job, I spend a lot of time in docks and on the open water, but I’ve never seen anything like this before!”

birkenhead.news spoke to Prof. Joy Lonking, a specialist in aquatic life. She said, “I can’t believe this is real! If you told me this story on the 1st of April, I’d say it was an April Fool!”

Steve Zissou, from the “Life Aquatic”, said, “It’s a documentary! It’s all really happening!”

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