Scouts head to South Korea for World Scout Jamboree

Scouts from Wirral have departed from Heathrow Airport and begun their adventure in South Korea for the 25th World Scout Jamboree.

Scouts from nearly every country from around the globe come together once every four years to promote unity, community and togetherness.

This year the event will be hosted in Gunsan-si, South Korea and is the second time in the country has hosted the event, the 17th World Scout Jamboree was held in the country in 1991.

The Scouts, who are aged 14–18, will learn skills new skills, experience new cultures, and make international bonds with fellow scouts who may not share the same mother tongue but hold the same values as one another.

The Scouts heading to the Jamboree will also have the amazing opportunity of exploring Seoul for three days and also visit the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) – where they will see the original demarcation line between North Korea and South Korea at the end of World War II.

Scouts from Wirral and 4,500 others from across the UK, will join over 45,000 others from almost every country in the world this year. Many Scouts spend years looking forward to this event as only Scouts ages 14-17 are eligible to apply for the Jamboree. Participants are selected two years ahead of the event so the Scouts can focus on their fundraising skills to fund their trip.

Megan, Jessica, and Theresa

Theresa McGinity, aged 16, from Wirral said, “I love heights so I’m hoping I’ll get to go paragliding! We’re going to do some cultural exchanges and we’re bringing the British love of football to life by recreating a Liverpool vs Everton match in Korea!”

Jessica McNab aged 17 from Wirral said, “I am looking forward to going to see the palace and temples – it’s a rich culture I don’t know much about. I’d love to meet up with some Australians – I love their accent and they seem like really fun people.”

Megan Bell, aged 16 and also from Wirral said, “I can’t wait to visit the DMZ to see the cultural divide between the North and South will be interesting. It will be great to link with Korean Scouts so that I can learn more about their culture. I want to eat as much of their food too – Korean toast is so good!”

Enjoying South Korean street food

Chief Scout Bear Grylls said, “Scouts from all corners of the UK are travelling over 12 hours to South Korea for the 25th World Scouts Jamboree.

“This year 4,500 young people from the UK and 40,000 others from nearly every country on the planet are coming together to take on new adventures, make lifelong friendships and experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“The theme of the Jamboree this year is to “Draw your Dream”, representing our willingness to accept young people’s ideas and opinions, and create an opportunity for them to make their Jamboree dreams come true.

“I’m so proud to be a part of a movement that puts young people first by helping almost half a million people develop skills for life.”

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