School children raise awareness about clean air

Children at Brookhurst Primary School in Bromborough are just some of Wirral’s students taking part in a competition to design a ‘Clean Air Day’ banner, to help raise awareness about the importance of cleaner air around our schools.

The students have been asked to come up with a memorable slogan and eye-catching banner that sends out a powerful environmental message.

Steve Williams, the headteacher from Brookhurst Primary School said, “It is the responsibility of the whole community to reduce air pollution. This agreement has to be achievable so that it can be sustained, so it is vital that we engage or involve the children and their families and community of Brookhurst Primary School.”

The banner competition was part of the school’s Eco Week, in which students participated in Walk to School Week and the school’s eco-team delivered an assembly about clean air and the importance of taking steps to reduce pollution.

If you would like your school to take part, contact Jennie at  for more details.

Schools have until Friday 17 June to submit their entries and the winning banner will win £250 for the school.

Image: Year 1 children at Brookhurst Primary School designing their banner

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