Scheduled works on Wirral’s roads nears completion

Annual repairs and treatments for Wirral’s roads are progressing well with most of the 130 roads on the programme already completed.

Every year, the council invests in Wirral’s roads to repair and treat those that are most affected to make sure that residents can continue to use them safely.

Nearly £6 million is being spent this year to repair and treat more than 130 roads or road sections for the 2023 maintenance programme, each receiving the most appropriate treatment type.  

The treatment used will depend on the type of road and the repairs needed. The main treatments that we use are Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA), Surfacing Dressing (now used with a Lock Chip treatment over the top) and Micro Asphalt.

HRA, the most durable surface that can last up to 20 years, is the council’s choice of material for main and commercial routes with heavy traffic.

For the 2023 maintenance programme, 22 roads across the borough needing HRA have been completed, with only a couple more left to do.

Watch the video to see how Hot-Rolled Asphalt is used to resurface roads

Surface Dressing is the most widely used material to extend the life of a road and can last up to 20 years. Lock Chip is an overspray used with Surface Dressing to reduce chipping loss.

Crews have finished all Surface Dressing works for this year’s programme and just have some final line marking to do on the roads.

Watch the video to see how Surface Dressing treatment is applied to the road

Micro Asphalt, mostly used on local roads, is a treatment laid over the existing surface to restore some profile and extend the surface life, and usually lasts for 10 plus years depending on road use.

Approximately half of the work for this treatment scheduled for 2023 has been completed, with around 50 roads outstanding.

Watch the video to see the process of how Micro Asphalt is used to repairs roads

To see the full list of roads in this year’s maintenance programme, visit the council’s website

Funding is provided through the Liverpool City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement.

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