Safety fears raised amid proposed city centre late night licence

A late-night venue planned for Liverpool city centre’s Ropewalks district could pose a “considerable safety risk, particularly for women and children” it has been claimed.

Almost a dozen objectors have made their feelings known to Liverpool Council over the proposed granting of a licence for a new location in Wolstenholme Square. It is understood the location would be known as the Clubhouse.

Concerns have been raised regarding a proposed 1am closing time for the nightspot, especially among those living within residential properties around the site.

According to documents made available by the local authority ahead of a licensing and gambling sub-committee meeting later this month, a licence is sought for a currently vacant unit in the square. Applicants for the site would seek to open from 10am to 1am daily, with alcohol served throughout.

The plans have caused consternation among those local to the area, with one person telling the licensing department the presence of such an establishment in close proximity to residences “would undoubtedly generate significant noise pollution and antisocial behaviour from patrons. This would severely impact the quality of life for the residents, many of whom include families with young children.”

It was suggested that entrance and exits to the business could pose a “considerable safety risk particularly for women and children”. The respondent also suggested that increased alcohol consumption could “lead to increased incidents of harassment and other safety issues”.

Another individual said they were pleased the vacant lot would be repurposed but expressed dismay at the proposed 1am terminal hour. They wrote, “The block in which I live, above the premises, is poorly lit at the block entrance and I am fearful that the premises patrons will use the alleyway to urinate, hang about, etc. which gives me concerns for my safety as a single woman returning to my flat late at night.”

No issues regarding the proposals have been raised by Merseyside Police or any internal licensing officials within Liverpool Council. A decision will be made by a three person panel at Liverpool Town Hall on 23 July.

Some called for the plans to go ahead, with an earlier closing time of 11pm. One of the objectors said a late-night licence could have a wider impact.

They said, “Our residential area is home to many families with children, including those from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds where exposure to alcohol consumption and associated behaviours is particularly damaging. The presence of a drinking establishment beneath our homes would expose children to drunkenness and disruptive behaviour, especially late at night.

“This is not only detrimental to their development and well-being but also undermines the social cohesion of our community. Liverpool strives to promote cultural diversity and be welcoming to people from different backgrounds, and such an establishment would counteract these efforts.”


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