RTC involving police car blocks Birkenhead street

A road traffic accident involving a police car and a car belonging to a member of the public has blocked a Birkenhead Street at around 10am this morning.

The police car was on an emergency call and was using its ‘blues and twos’ at the time of the collision at the junction of Park Road North, Duke Street, and Ashville Road near to Birkenhead Park.

An eyewitness said, “There was a huge bang and I didn’t realise what had happened at first and then I saw two cars blocking the junction of Park Road North and Ashville Road. One of them was a police car.”

Another eyewitness told birkenhead.news that the “sirens were going and the other driver must have just not heard or seen the police car”

There was significant damage to both the police car and the Mercedes hatchback involved and the impact was sufficient to deploy the airbags in both vehicles.

The occupants of each vehicle did not appear to be seriously injured although the driver of the Mercedes appeared to be in shock.

There was disruption at the traffic light junction with the cars taking up most of both sides of the carriageway on Ashville Road.

A Merseyside Police spokesperson said, “We were called at 10am today, Thursday 5 August, following reports of a road traffic collision between a marked police car responding to an emergency call and a Mercedes car.

“The collision occurred at the junction of Duke Street and Ashville Road.

“There are no reports of anyone being seriously injured.

“Enquiries into the collision are ongoing.”

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