‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ for a greener Christmas

The Council is urging all Cheshire West and Chester residents to help the environment by choosing to reduce, reuse and recycle their food this Christmas.

Global food waste produces more emissions than all commercial flights put together. In the UK, food waste contributes to 5% of our emissions, the same as one-third of all our cars.  

With lots of food being wasted at Christmas time especially, we encourage all residents to help tackle climate change and save themselves money by only cooking what is needed, reusing uneaten food to reduce waste, and then recycling it.

The borough’s kerbside recycling service enables almost every household in Cheshire West and Chester to conveniently recycle their food waste separate from their other recycled waste, and tens of thousands of Cheshire households make use of this weekly service.

At Christmas, the Council collects and recycles more food waste than at any other time of the year, and this season we are ready to collect food waste which has been separated from other recyclables and general waste.

Councillor Karen Shore, Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Environment, Highways and Strategic Transport, said, “Trying to waste less food in the first place has the biggest benefit to the environment. Try to only cook what you need but, if you have leftovers, reuse in another meal to reduce waste. Please take the time to separate out food waste from general waste and put it in your food waste bin. It’s better for the environment.

“Last year, we recycled 667 tonnes of food waste over the three-week Christmas period. We would like to thank the many households already recycling food waste every week. You are already making such a big difference.

“We can provide you with the containers and information to start recycling your food over Christmas. Almost every home has been given a food waste bin. Use this Christmas as an opportunity to use the brown food waste bin again. None of us can afford to give up on tackling climate change – and the extra space it saves in the black bin will come in useful this time of year.”

Residents’ black domestic bins are emptied fortnightly so please make use of your weekly food waste collection service.

The Council sends your food waste to an anaerobic digestion treatment facility, which can recycle all different types of food waste: Turkey giblets and carcasses, vegetable peelings, chestnut shells, fish skins, bones, pet food, plate scrapings and cooked food. 

Food waste is turned into green electricity to power peoples’ homes and a fertilizer that puts vital, natural nutrients back into our farmers’ fields.

Residents who no longer have a food waste bin, can order one for free. Cheshire West Recycling has made available 1,000 extra delivery slots this month to help more homes recycle.

Visit Order new or replacement bin | Cheshire West and Chester Council  to order a food waste bin if you need one.

Visit Love Food Hate Waste  for useful hacks, tips and guidance on how to avoid creating food waste and saving money on your food bills especially over the Christmas period.

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