Recycled sports pavilion donated to Ridgeway High School

Ridgeway High School in Prenton has unveiled its new sports pavilion donated by Peel Ports.

The wooden structure was previously located at Hornby Dock, in the Port of Liverpool and when the site that it was originally on began to be redeveloped in early 2022, Peel Ports were keen to find a new home for the building so it could be reused rather than destroyed.

Over-subscribed Ridgeway High School gratefully received the cabin, making use of it as a pavilion overlooking their sports fields by the River Fender.

The re-modeled construction and renovation of the building provides the school with much-needed additional recreational and teaching and learning space for students.

Increasing student numbers, year-on-year, above the school’s original capacity means that space within the main building is currently at a premium.

The donation of the building demonstrates an innovative partnership between the private and public sectors, promoting a sustainable use of recyclable space.

D Morgan, working on behalf of Peel, prepared the site that the sports pavilion now sits on, making use of the ground previously occupied by the site offices used when Ridgeway High School’s new building went up in 2017. To ensure longevity of the pavilion, Peel also funded a new roof.

Relocating and reusing the existing materials from the structure in Liverpool demonstrates Peel Ports and D Morgan’s commitment to the environment and to supporting local community good causes.

It is intended that the sports pavilion will be used every day of the week, either by the school during the day or Glenavon Junior Football Club in the evenings and weekends. As such, it is hoped the pavilion will serve the school and local community for many years to come.

Gavin Sterry, Headteacher, Ridgeway High School, said, “We were delighted to be offered the building by Peel Ports. We have a fabulous new school, however space is tight because of the school’s popularity.

“Using this donated building as a sports pavilion means we now have additional facilities for our students to benefit from for years to come.

“Our students are very environmentally aware, always keen for us to reuse and recycle, so the opportunity to take a wooden building that would otherwise have been demolished has been greatly appreciated and plays into our school’s values.”

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