QEII Eastham Dock site to harness hydropower

Peel Ports Group has announced its Queen Elizabeth II Dock at Eastham will utilise energy from hydropower.

It’s the latest move to drive forward Peel Ports’ ambition to become net-zero across its network and operations by 2040.

The port operator has partnered with Czech renewable energy specialist Hydropol to install a state-of-the-art twin Archimedean screw generator, at the site’s 30 foot lock. Now connected to the Dock’s electricity network, it will generate up to 1,500,000 kWh per year – enough energy to power an estimated 190,000 homes for a day.

Under a pioneering private energy purchasing agreement, Peel Ports will procure this renewable energy from Hydropol, solidifying its commitment to sustainable energy production and sourcing.

As well as providing energy to the Dock, the generator will power the site’s Green Automotive Hub, which has been enabling sustainable vehicle manufacturing since its launch in late 2023.

The use of the hydropower generator to operate the Hub makes it even greener and fully energy independent.

Lewis McIntyre, Managing Director – Port Services at Peel Ports Group, said, “The introduction of hydropower at Queen Elizabeth II Dock is another major achievement as we seek to make our operations greener and more sustainable for the future. The amount of renewable energy set to be produced is significant and builds on Eastham Dock’s sustainable credentials.”

The introduction of hydropower to Queen Elizabeth II Dock is the latest move by Peel Ports to improve the sustainability of its operations across the UK, and builds on the company’s strong track record, with the Group having already reduced Scope 1 & Scope 2 emissions across its ports by a total of 32 percent, against its 2020 baseline.

In 2021 Peel Ports announced its commitment to becoming a net zero port operator by 2040, ten years ahead of the UK Government’s target, making it the first UK port operator to declare such ambitious decarbonisation plans.

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