Public Spaces Protection Order introduced in Woodchurch

A new public spaces protection order (PSPO) has been introduced in Woodchurch to tackle antisocial behaviour and crime.

The order came into force on Monday 19 December 2022 for a period of three years and covers the area outlined on the map in and around Hoole Road in Woodchurch.

The PSPO will give police and authorised officers powers to issue a fixed penalty notice of up to £100 to anyone who commits an offence in the area for example drinking or attempting to drink alcohol in a public space.

Local policing Inspector Alan McKeon said, “We take the issue of antisocial behaviour very seriously and have a number of tools at our disposal to deal with issues in our local communities.

“As part of Operation Presley, our on-going work in Wirral to tackle organised crime gangs we have worked with Wirral Borough Council to introduce a Public Spaces Protection Order in and around Hoole Road in Woodchurch for 3 years which went live today.

“We will also continue to work closely with the council to tackle the problem as we know the impact this type of dangerous behaviour can have on people’s lives and wellbeing.

“We hope these measures will go a long way to solving the issues and making a real difference in Wirral.”
The key prohibitions within the order are: –

Racing any bikes, scooters or wheeled vehicle at a dangerous speed and /or in an otherwise dangerous manner at any time.

Wearing anything in an open public space within the restricted area which covers any part of that person’s face. This does not include face coverings worn for religious reasons or for health reasons relating to an existing medical condition.

Drinking or attempting to drink alcohol in a public space.

Inhaling, injecting, or otherwise attempting to use or be in possession of any intoxicating substances or “legal highs” or drug paraphernalia.

Between the hours of 3pm and 10pm each day, any person in any open public space in the restricted area who is in a gathering of two or more people must leave when required to do so by police or authorised officers

Anyone who witnesses antisocial behaviour or knows who is responsible should contact via DM @MerPolCC or anonymously CrimestoppersUK on 0800 555 111 so we can take action.

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