Prize money for 151st Open announced

The winner of The 151st Open at Royal Liverpool in Hoylake will receive US$3 million (£2.3m) in prize money.

The Champion Golfer of the Year will receive the highest amount in The Open’s history as it returns to the renowned Hoylake links for the 13th time.

The R&A announced that the total prize fund for The Open, played from 16-23 July 2023, will be US$16.5 million (£12.7m), an 18% increase on 2022.

Martin Slumbers, CEO of The R&A, said, “Our aim is to ensure The Open remains at the pinnacle of world golf and we have almost doubled the prize fund since 2016.

“While we are seeing substantial increases in prize money across the men’s professional game, we are fulfilling our wider obligation to the sport by elevating the AIG Women’s Open, strengthening pathways in the elite amateur game and encouraging more people around the world to play golf. We believe that getting this balance right is vital to the long-term future of the sport.”

Prize money

1$3,000,000 (£2.3m)36$86,200 (£66.7k)
2$1,708,000 (£1.3m)37$82,200 (£63.6k)
3$1,095,000 (£847k)38$78,000 (£60.4k)
4$851,000 (£658k)39$75,200 (£58.2k)
5$684,500 (£592.5k)40$72,800 (£56.3k)
6$593,000 (£458.7k)41$69,800 (£54k)
7$509,500 (£394.1k)42$66,400 (£51.4k)
8$429,700 (£332.4k)43$63,400 (£49.1k)
9$377,000 (£291.6k)44$59,800 (£46.3k)
10$340,500 (263.4k)45$56,400 (£43.7k)
11$310,000 (£239.8k)46$53,400 (£41.3k)
12$274,700 (£212k)47$51,300 (£39.7k)
13$258,300 (£199.8k)48$49,300 (£38.2k)
14$241,800 (£187k)49$47,000 (£36.4k)
15$224,800 (£173.9k)50$45,900 (£35.5k)
16$206,600 (£159.8k)51$44,900 (£34.7k)
17$196,600 (£152.1k)52$44,100 (£34.1k)
18$187,500 (£145k)53$43,400 (£33.6k)
19$179,600 (£138.9k)54$42,800 (£33.1k)
20$171,100 (£132.4k)55$42,100 (£32.6k)
21$163,100 (£126.3k)56$41,500 (£32.1k)
22$155,000 (£119.9k)57$41,100 (£31.8k)
23$146,700 (£113.5k)58$40,800 (£31.6k)
24$138,500 (£107.7k)59$40,500 (£31.3k)
25$133,800m (£103.5k)60$40,200 (£31.1k)
26$128,000 (£99k)61$40,000 (£31k)
27$123,300 (£95.4k)62$39,800 (£30.8k)
28$119,100 (£92.2k)63$39,600 (£30.6k)
29$113,900 (£88.2k)64$39,400 (£30.5k)
30$108,000 (£83.6k)65$39,200 (£30.3k)
31$104,500 (£80.9k)66$38,900 (£30.1k)
32$99,200 (£76.8k)67$38,600 (£29.9k)
33$95,700 (£74.1k)68$38,300 (£29.6k)
34$93,000 (£72k)69$38,000 (£29.4k)
35$89,800 (£69.5k)70$37,800 (£29.3k)
Currency conversions approximate and correct at the time of puiblication

Prize Money shall be allocated only to professional golfers.

If more than 70 professional golfers qualify for the final two rounds, additional prize money will be added. Prize money will decrease by US$125 (£96.75) per qualifying place above 70 to a minimum of US$36,550 (£28,291).

Non-qualifiers after two rounds: Leading 10 professional golfers and ties US$12,000 (£9,288); next 20 professional golfers and ties US$10,000 (£7740); remainder of professional golfers and ties US$8,500 (£6,579).

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