Preparation work for demolition at Milton Pavement is Underway

Barriers are up and work has started in preparation of the redevelopment of a large area of land between Milton Pavement & St. John Street on Claughton Road.


Wirral Council Planning Department has granted permission for the redevelopment of a large swathe of land on Claughton Road. The extent of the area to be demolished is clear from the planning documents and represents a major change for shoppers. The work will involve the demolition of B&M Bargains store in St. John Street and a disused substation alongside, the Shop Mobility store, along with the former “Milton’s” pub and a large part of both sides of the north end of Milton Pavement. Demolition work is expected to commence on 16/11/2020 and be completed by 29/01/2021.


The partnership of Wirral Council and Muse Developments: Wirral Growth Company state on their website that this is the first part of a long-term 7 phase plan for a wide-ranging regeneration plan for Birkenhead town centre.

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