Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason autographs prosthetic leg cover for Upton man

Music icon Nick Mason, founder and drummer for the legendary band Pink Floyd, is helping a Wirral man to stand out.

Former Merseyrail security officer Mike Elkins, 56, from Upton, lost his leg in his early twenties after a road traffic accident.

For Christmas last year, his wife Lesley presented him with a voucher for a custom-made prosthetic leg cover in homage to his favourite band.

Designed by award-winning Welsh company LIMB-Art, the beautifully made Pink Floyd inspired leg cover was delivered to Mike last week – after being autographed by Nick Mason in his London studios. His message also includes the inscription “Shine On”.

“Shine On” Nick Mason’s autograph
Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason signs the cover

Mike said, “I’ve been a huge fan of Pink Floyd all my life so to receive the signed leg cover from Nick Mason was really special. I’m so touched that LIMB-Art sorted that for me.

“I asked doctors to remove my leg when I was 27, five years after smashing it up very badly after driving into the back of a car as I was coming back from Eastham. I was distracted for just a moment when the accident happened, and what happened changed my life. 

“Between the ages of 22 and 27, I had 15 operations and was in and out of hospital and getting around on crutches. It got to the point that I decided it would just be better to amputate my leg. It was a tough decision.

“I’ve only had my Pink Floyd leg cover for a week but already it has made a huge difference to me. My friends and family think it is so cool and my grandson, Ethan, 17, has been showing it to all his mates on social media. Everyone loves that it has been signed by such a music legend.

“When I’m wearing my leg cover I feel very proud, positive and mentally stronger. It’s something that you want to show people instead of trying to hide your disability away.

“Mark at LIMB-Art does an absolutely fantastic job and he is really making a difference to the lives of amputees.”

Mike Elkins

Mark Williams, founder of North Wales based LIMB-Art, has won numerous awards for his prosthetic leg covers, which he sells to eleven countries around the world and which are available in the UK on the NHS. He is also about to launch in America.

Mark, who lost his own leg in a cycling accident after being hit by a car when he was ten, said, “The Pink Floyd leg cover for Mike was one of the most inspirational covers we have ever made and the first to ever be signed.

“When we heard Mike was such a huge fan of the band, we designed a leg cover to incorporate their iconic hits, including Another Brick in the Wall and Dark Side of the Moon.

“For the finishing touch, we secretly approached Nick Mason and told him Mike’s story. He said he loved what we were doing and asked if he could sign the cover. It was very moving presenting it to Mike.

“We have a saying at LIMB-Art, which is ‘stand out, stand proud’ and that’s what our leg covers are designed to do. Instrumental in raising confidence and self-esteem, they are quick and easy to fit and restore balance to a person’s silhouette.

“We know how much they mean to the wearer and what a difference they can make to their lives.”

There are an estimated 65 million people globally that live with limb amputations with 1.5 million people undergoing amputations – mostly lower limb – each year.

Most amputees need access to prosthetic services and this need is expected to double by 2050.

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