Partnership to intensify action throughout April against ‘Fatal Four’ driving offences

Merseyside Road Safety Partnership is gearing up for a national Fatal Four Operation throughout April.

Fatal Four offences cause havoc on our roads and are agreed nationally to be the main contributing factors in road traffic collisions resulting in a fatality, they are:

  • Using a mobile phone while driving
  • drink/drug driving
  • speeding
  • failing to wear a seatbelt

There will be an increase in enforcement from Merseyside Police with operational activity dedicated to targeting Fatal Four offences and an uptake in engagement across the partnership.

Roads Policing Inspector, Gavin Dixon highlighted the force’s approach, “Being named a fatal offence clearly still isn’t enough for some drivers. Time and time again we see fatal collisions where speed, drink/drug driving, mobile phone use or failing to wear a seatbelt has contributed in a fatal road traffic collision.”

“People are losing their lives due to poor decision making.”

“Throughout this operation, we will take a no-nonsense approach to fatal four offences and hold individuals responsible for their actions.”

“We are ramping up enforcement and operational activity aimed at fatal four reduction.”

“Policing our roads has changed drastically over the past 10 years and technology has come a long way in supporting operational activity.”

“We now have a dedicated team who view dash cam submissions from the public and if appropriate take action against drivers who pose a risk to others on our roads. We receive a variety of submissions that include fatal four offences.”

“We welcome the public’s support in upholding driver standards and direct anyone with footage to our website where they can report offences to us.”

Making a road traffic incident report | Merseyside Police

Image: Merseyside Police

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