Orrets Meadow School, Moreton, awarded ‘ADHD Friendly’ school status

Orrets Meadow School in Moreton has been awarded the prestigious ‘ADHD Friendly School’ award by the ADHD Foundation, for their work with children with ADHD in the last academic year.

Based in Moreton, Wirral, Orrets Meadow School has been recognised as an outstanding learning environment for children with ADHD. This accolade is awarded to schools that are committed to supporting children, whatever their particular needs, to improve their life chances through education.

Orrets Meadow School has an array of support structures and strategies to ensure that children with ADHD can access the curriculum. In addition, thorough staff training has been provided by the ADHD Foundation to ensure that teachers are able to support and get the best out of their neurodiverse students.

Physical activity and movement are central to the educational provision at Orrets Meadow School, and an important feature in supporting the learning of children with ADHD. From a wide range of activities during lunchtime, specialist sports mentoring through the Youth Sports Trust to extensive experiences offered to all children through both Outdoor and Military education.

Sensory Circuits, Yoga and Mindfulness Walks are offered through the school’s Sensory Space, encouraging children to develop skills in self-regulation and self- calming behaviours. They also provide a much-needed calming environment for children with ADHD who may find school a very anxious place.

Based in Liverpool, the ADHD Foundation works in partnership with individuals, families, doctors, teachers and other agencies to improving emotional well-being, educational attainment, behaviour and life chances through better understanding and self-management of ADHD, ASD and related learning difficulties.

Colin Foley, Training Director at ADHD Foundation said, “It has been a privilege to work with Orrets Meadow School. It is a wonderful learning environment for children with ADHD. The staff have gone above and beyond to make their lessons and their school environment an enjoyable, supportive and safe space and I’m glad that they are getting the recognition for this that they deserve.”

Charlotte O’Brien at Orrets Meadow School said, “Orrets Meadow Primary School are grateful for the support and expertise the ADHD Foundation provided. We have successfully reviewed and refined our ADHD provision for pupils in school. All pupils have access to a wide range of multisensory activities and learn skills for mindfulness and self-regulation. The parents support group provide an invaluable source of encouragement and reassurance to each other, especially parents at earlier stages of the diagnosis pathway.”

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