New food project provides a huge ‘welcome back’ to school

A new project in Wirral is delivering a huge 112 pallet-loads of food to local schools in an effort to help families in need through the first few weeks of the new school year. 

Known as the ‘Welcome Back to School Food Support Project’, the scheme will see special ‘pantries’ set up in 40 local schools, allowing them to put together free food packs containing a range of essential items for the children to take home.

The headteacher at St. Peter’s Catholic Primary in Noctorum, Sarah Parry, said: 

“Starting a new school year can be an expensive time for families, with many having to find the money for things like new school uniforms, shoes and PE kits. 

“And all the extra expense comes at a time when many are already struggling because of the financial pressures brought on by Covid. 

“So, I’m really happy that St Peter’s is able to be part of the project as I know it will fill some gaps and help to make sure that our children and families get the food they need.”

The £123,750 ‘Welcome Back’ project is being co-ordinated on behalf of the council by local charity Neo Community and is part of Wirral’s £1.153 million summer food support programme which has been made possible by a Covid Local Support Grant from the Department for Work and Pensions.

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