New Ferry resident Ruth celebrates 102nd birthday

At the grand age of 102, Ruth Ledson was the life and soul of a party held for her birthday.

Now a New Ferry Resident, Ruth was a teacher and headteacher for all her career in Liverpool and the surrounding area.

Her favourite thing about teaching was the variety of children, their abilities and their loves. She was very fond of the children, but on occasion had to tell them off, but as she says, this “was to help them grow.”

Of her time as a teacher, she said, “I loved it, I love little children and the sense of humour of Liverpool”

As part of Ruth’s birthday party at Derwent Lodge Care Home in New Ferry, nearly 40 children and Choir Leader, Miss McCaughey, from Grove Street Primary School sang a number of songs; the finale being a rousing rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’, that all the residents thoroughly enjoyed.

Ruth said that the children’s singing was beautiful and thanked them for their company.

Ruth grew up in Fairfield with her mum, dad, brother, and sister. Sadly, Ruth’s brother never came home from the War. Ruth’s younger sister, Jean, was also a teacher of physical education in West Kirby. Ruth says Jean is “still very active like me. You have to be!”

Ruth said, “It just amazes me that you think you are the only one who has problems when old, but there are so many like me.

“You have to be patient with us old people as it’s rather a change. You lose your independence, but it’s all about your frame of mind. Sometimes I’m a grumpy old lady but I do try to be satisfied and happy with my lot.”

Ruth told, “There’s no secret to a long life, it’s mostly in your genes. I enjoy my food and have what I like – just not too much of it! Exercise is important – I used to go out walking in the hills or by rivers.”

“I do love all my friends, I’m so lucky as I never thought I’d be 102.”

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