New Ferry care home residents enjoy the adventure of fishing

The Wirral Sea Angling Academy CIC has recently been hosting sessions for residents at a New Ferry care home.

During a residents’ forum at Derwent Lodge care home, the staff and residents were discussing activities that held special memories. One resident, Joe, had mentioned that he enjoyed fishing and crabbing as a boy and how he missed that feeling of calm mixed with excitement.

It started a conversation and many agreed, with others saying that they had never been fishing before but wanted to try their hand at it.

The staff found Wirral Sea Angling Academy through an internet search and spoke to Ben, the man in charge. The staff said that Ben was incredible when they phoned and explained their hopes for the experience. There were quite a few logistical issues to problem solve but Ben quickly became as invested as the staff to make it happen.

After initially organising a as a one-off hour-long session, the staff and residents decided to hold regular monthly sessions, such was the success of the experience.

Julie Wood, Activities Coordinator at the care home, said, “We now had a regular new exhilarating activity to look forward to, which certainly lifts everyone.

“The benefits of the fresh air and a healthy, calming activity is definitely an aid to managing stressors. Fishing came with the added bonus of creating a versatile sociable environment.

“We laughed and chatted so much more (a lot of competitive bragging also is part of the experience) but not just with the great volunteers from Wirral Sea Angling Academy but with local people who stop to chat and more often than not end up joining in!

“It gives a great sense of community. Residents’ families also have the opportunity to create new memories with their loved ones so it’s certainly special.

“The impact has been incredible, our home has an extra special buzz about it on the build-up and following our fishing days. In the words of one resident, Alan, “It’s not about the fish we catch, it’s about the adventure and I still want to have adventures!”

Keith’s daughter Julie who regularly joins in our activities said, “The fishing club have given dad and the other men the chance to be out in the fresh air enjoying an activity they used to do in their younger days. 

“Once again they are just a group of lads, having a laugh and enjoying a bit of banter. The joy on their faces and the sound of laughter say it all.”

If you would like to organise a fishing session with Wirral Sea Angling Academy CIC, please contact Ben at or 07534748806


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