New Brighton RNLI rescue four people stranded in dinghy

On Wednesday 29 November, volunteer crew from New Brighton RNLI were called to locate four casualties stranded on the River Mersey in a motorised dinghy boat.

The pagers sounded for the New Brighton RNLI Lifeboat Station to attend a shout to four casualties stranded on the River Mersey. Jolting into action at 4.25pm, the crew set off to locate the group in New Brighton’s Atlantic 85 lifeboat Charles Dibdin.

With an ebbing tide, there was a risk that the dinghy would be pulled further out and the temperature was dropping, so it was paramount that the casualties were found swiftly and brought ashore.

Despite the failing light, the experienced crew quickly located the stranded motorised dinghy and four people onboard, they brought them aboard the lifeboat and transported them back to the safety of the shore.

Thankfully, a quick medical assessment of the casualties by the volunteer crew found no immediate medical attention was required. The dinghy was also recovered from the river and brought ashore.

Ian Thornton, Lifeboat Operations Manager said, “Anytime anyone is thinking about entering the water or using watercraft, or boats, it’s paramount they consider the potential risks and dangers, this is particularly important in the cold weather.

“With freezing temperatures expected to continue over the coming months, people should be well prepared for the conditions and always take precautions. Do not take unnecessary risks that could result in harm.”

You should always wear the correct, well-fitted lifesaving equipment for your chosen activity, such as a lifejacket.

Always carry a suitable means of calling for help. If anyone gets into difficulty in or around the water, they should call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Please ensure your phone has sufficient battery power to call for help if you get in trouble and you should always tell someone on the shore of your plans – let them know where you are going and what time you expect to be back. If you’re not back, they’ll also be able to raise the alarm and call for help.

Image: New Brighton RNLI crew in the lifeboat on the River Mersey. Credit: RNLI/Lauren Francom

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