New Brighton Lifeboat rescues kite boarder from the water

New Brighton lifeboat launched to a report of a kite surfer struggling in the water just off Marine Point, New Brighton.

The Lifeboat was deployed by UK Coastguard to a report of a kiteboarder struggling in the water off Marine Point New Brighton.

The lifeboat was launched along with Mersey Fire and rescue, Marine Rescue Unit. The weather conditions were poor with a strong wind and daylight having faded adding to the difficulty of the rescue.

Crew were also deployed to the shore at several key vantage points to try and identify the exact location of the kiteboarder.

Once the kiteboarder was sighted by the shore crew, the lifeboat made to the location, arriving on scene shortly afterwards.

The crew were able to rescue the casualty from the water and bring them on board the lifeboat.

The casualty was then returned to the safety of the shore using a net recovery in order to get the casualty ashore quicker due to the time they had been in the water.

The casualty was then handed over to Wirral Coastguard and the awaiting North West Ambulance where the lifeboat was then stood down and returned to station.

Andy Liston, Deputy Launching Authority, New Brighton Lifeboat said, ‘If you are planning to enjoy the sea always ensure somebody is ashore so that they can keep an eye on you and quickly alert the CG should they get into difficulty.’

If you see someone in trouble at the coast, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Image: Library image. RNLI/New Brighton

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