New Birkenhead gallery space holds colourful ‘Rhi-opening’ event

On Saturday (22 October), Birkenhead’s newly crowned Merseyside Bar of the Year (Merseyside Independent Business Awards ) Future Yard branched out from the usual beer, burgers and bands and played host to Wrexham based artist Rhi Moxon and her collection of travel-inspired, intricate and bold silkscreen prints.

Her work has been on display since August, but as the exhibition has now been extended until November, Future Walls decided to hold a relaunch event with music, screenprinting, stalls and kimchi burgers.

Telling us about the new use of the Yellow Room in the Birkenhead venue, Future Walls curator Russ said, “We’ll have new shows every two months. We’re going to work with the artists to create some bespoke merch relating to Future Yard or Birkenhead.”

Moxon has created a special Birkenhead-themed print, featuring familiar landmarks such as the Swiss Bridge from Birkenhead Park and the Victoria Monument in Hamilton Square, and in addition to selling risograph prints she was demonstrating the silk screen printing process to make posters, t-shirts and tote bags featuring the design.

“A risograph is a similar process to screen printing but it is done on an industrial scale,” Moxon explained. “It’s a similar process for designing the artwork. It’s really eco-friendly because it uses soy-based inks.”

The exhibition features two themes of Moxon’s work: a series of postage-stamp inspired small prints featuring countries she’s travelled to and a set of larger-scale works called the Dragonfly Diaries, exploring our relationship with nature.

The stamps came from a lockdown drawing project where Moxon found herself looking back on her travel photographs. “There’s so much whenever you go to a place, so much to capture and it was a bit overwhelming to try and pick one thing, so I decided to do a stamp.  A lot of themes are about the culture and creativity of those different places, like the traditional dance of Rajasthan and Chinese opera.”

You’ll soon be able to see Moxon’s work on the streets of Chester, where she has been commissioned to create public art, painting old BT boxes and a ten-metre wall near Frodsham Street.

The exhibition is at Future Yard, 75 Argyle Street, Birkenhead, and continues until 9 November. Entry is free.

Images credit: Helen Wilkie

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