Mystery monthly gift of flowers to staff and patients at Arrowe Park Hospital

A mystery donor has been sending flowers to a ward at Wirral University Teaching Hospital at Arrowe Park, every month since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ward 30 at Arrowe Park Hospital which cares for patients with blood cancers, such as leukaemia and lymphoma and patients receiving palliative care started receiving the flowers in March 2020 when the nation went into lockdown.

Two bouquets of flowers were delivered on that first month and there was no sender’s name on the cards that were attached. It simply read: “For staff” and “For patient”, along with the messages, “To cheer you up” and “To make you smile”.

The following week, two more bouquets arrived. Again there was no sender’s name and the cards said the same. Since that first delivery, more than 22 months ago, there have been two bouquets or plants delivered to the ward every single week.

Inpatients and outpatients who receive chemotherapy and vital blood and platelet transfusions are cared for on the ward and the flowers have been used to help bring cheer to patients, families and staff members.

Sister Vicky Williams, of Ward 30, said, “It was a lovely surprise when the two bouquets arrived back in March 2020. They certainly did bring a smile to the faces of our team and patients here on the ward. Then the following week, two more were delivered, with the same message and since then, we’ve received them each week.

“Many of our patients need regular treatments over weeks and months. They become firm friends and help to support each other. Over the months we’ve all had our spirits lifted by the pleasure that these beautiful flowers bring.  All of us, patients and the Ward 30 team together, would like to say a great big thank you to our unknown donor.”

Sister Williams and the team have sent thank you messages to their anonymous benefactor through the florist who delivers them to let them know just how much their generous gifts mean to the patients and staff on Ward 30.

Image: Mystery Flowers – (L-R) Hannah Taylor, Registered Nurse and Victoria Williams, Ward Manager.

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