Musician releases new single inspired by Port Sunlight

Synthpop musician Tim Blackburn who records under the name “Mistrust” is to release a new single “Sunlight” on Monday 5 June 2023. 

The song is the title track from his latest album and was written about and inspired by his visits to the historic village of Port Sunlight. 

Tim said, “I visited Port Sunlight as a child and never went back there until recently. I always had distant memories of the buildings and streets and the village seemed to look very familiar when I went back.

“I was fascinated by the buildings and streets and the history of the place.  I’ve always had a connection with the history of Port Sunlight, having lived in Bolton most my life, where the names ‘Lever’ and ‘Leverhulme’ are everywhere!”

The video shows a number of locations in the village of Port Sunlight including Christ Church, the factory, the War Memorial, Lady Lever Art Gallery, and the Equation of Time Sundial.

“Sunlight” will be available to download and stream on Mistrust’s Bandcamp page at  and all major streaming platforms from Monday 5 June 2023.

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