More than a thousand new trees to be planted in Wirral

Thanks to the support of volunteers and local residents, new homes have been provided to 1,242 trees.

The free ‘plug trees’ (small seedling-sized trees) were available for residents to collect from special hubs at Dibbinsdale, Royden Park, and Central Park to plant in their gardens.

Residents who claimed a tree will be able to look after and watch either a Crab Apple, Scots Pine, Wild Cherry, Holly, Guelder Rose, or Whitebeam tree grow.

All trees planted will help Wirral’s ten-year tree strategy, which aims to plant more than 210,000 trees – that’s at least 21,000 per year. The trees that are planted will see Wirral’s tree canopy cover doubled by the time they are fully grown and will replace the number of trees unavoidably lost, many times over.

Depending on the type of tree claimed, this growth could get to heights between 4m to 35m or widths of 2m to 8m so residents are advised to ensure that they consider their planting spot carefully.

All hubs were operated thanks to the support of volunteers from Wallasey Tree Planting Group, Friends Of Dibbinsdale and Friends of Royden Park.

For residents, who haven’t already planted their new addition, follow the planting guide video below.

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