More people urged to become foster carers in Wirral

New foster carers are urgently needed to step forward to help look after children across Wirral.

The council is seeking more people from all walks of life to become foster carers.

Nationally there are rising numbers of children who need foster care and an ever-increasing need for individuals and families willing to support some of our most vulnerable children. 

Being in care can be hard but we know that our children get the very best start in life when they live with foster carers.

In Wirral there are just under 800 children in our care many of them desperately needing families and individuals willing to help them and give them a home and be their foster carers.  Without carers in Wirral children can be faced with the prospect of having to move away from everything that is familiar to them.

Cllr Wendy Clements, chair of Wirral Council’s Children, Young People & Education Committee, said, “When we don’t have foster carers who can help provide a loving home and place of safety, we face having to place children outside of Wirral or into residential care.

“For a child who has something happen in their family and who can’t stay at home it is even more distressing to then also be told they have to move somewhere else to be safe, that they can’t stay at their school or see their friends because we have to place them dozens, even hundreds of miles away.

“That is why we need more people with different skills, backgrounds and ages from large families to single carers to help us – the more carers we have the better we can match them with the right child or young person.

“And the more children we can keep in Wirral, who we can provide foster care for and ensure are well supported, the better chance of those children growing up and being the adults that we want and need them to be in Wirral.

“As we get into the new year it is the perfect time if you have been thinking about fostering to get in touch and really make a difference and help provide a new start for local children in Wirral.” 

Some foster carers offer a long term ‘forever home’, while some offer short breaks to support a child staying with their family. However, you choose to help, all Wirral foster carers are supported through a team of experienced social workers and full training and support is provided to help foster carers develop the skills to ensure the children and young people they care for can flourish. We also have a network of local foster carers who have vast experience and are happy to share experiences and knowledge.

We need to recruit more foster carers than ever before.  If you or someone you know has room in their home and heart to foster, or even if you are thinking about it and have questions and just want an informal chat, please get in touch.

You can email  or call us on 0151 666 4616 or visit the website  for more information.

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