Modern solar bins for West Kirby

New bins that use solar power to compact the waste are being installed at West Kirby promenade to help manage litter and collection of it. 

The enclosed bins are the first of their kind to be installed in Wirral and will use solar power to not only compact the waste but to alert the council when they need to be emptied.

Biffa, the council’s waste contractor, can then prioritise the emptying of the bins based off which ones are full. The solar technology will be switched on in the next few weeks to enable these bins to be fully functional.

Foot pedal operated, the six new bins in West Kirby, replace those removed during the flood wall construction works. 

Cllr Liz Grey, Chair of the Environment, Climate Emergency and Transport Committee said, “The real benefit of these bins is that they can hold more waste, approximately five times more than a usual bin, as they are able to compact the litter. This is essential in our busy coastal areas especially as we head closer to the summer holidays. 

“The enclosed design also means there is no risk of the litter blowing out of the bin and back into the surrounding area. We still need people to play their part though – if you are out and about in Wirral, please use the bins provided. 

“Whether you are in West Kirby and can use the new solar bins, or you’re visiting any other beauty spots in Wirral, if the bins are full, help to keep Wirral looking it’s best by taking your rubbish to the next nearest bin, or home with you and placing it in the most appropriate wheelie bin.”

The council plan to roll out more of these solar-powered bins in busy locations to help keep the areas clean and free of rubbish. 

Bins are funded by Wirral Council and any future installations of bins will be subject to funding, footfall in the area, and success of the bins in West Kirby. 

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