‘Mind Your Business’ project helps keep drivers safe this winter

A project led by Wirral Council’s Road Safety Team is supporting businesses in Wirral to ensure that their staff are as safe as they can be on the road.

Through ‘Mind Your Business’, a project that has been running for the last 10 years, the council works with companies around the borough to ensure that they, and their staff, are aware of the latest and best road safety practices to reduce the risks while driving for work helping to keep all Wirral road users safe.

Over the last few months, supported by the council’s partner, Kwik Fit, seven businesses in Wirral have been provided with winter safety checks, with a total of 151 cars checked.

Watch the video below as Sarah Parkinson from The Contact Company shares how beneficial the scheme has been for herself and her colleagues, especially during the winter periods.

Key findings from the checks showed that the top things to check on your car are:

  • Lights – know how to turn all your lights on and off and check them regularly (these include headlights, sidelights, fog lights – front and rear, brake lights, indicators – front and rear plus side repeaters, reverse lights, number plate lights)
  • Under the bonnet – carry out checks including on fluids levels (screen wash, oil and coolant)
  • Tyres – check tread depth, including spare tyre or canister

Winter safety checks are just one of the services offered to organisations that are part of the ‘Mind Your Business’ project.

Other services include events such as the ‘Mock Trial’ that sees a courtroom act out a potential road safety case and classroom-based learning and training sessions with industry experts to address the Fatal 4 – speeding, drink or drug driving, driving while distracted and not wearing a seat belt.

To find out more about the available road safety support for businesses, including the ‘Mind Your Business’ project, visit the council’s website where you can get in touch with the team and sign up for the quarterly ‘Mind Your Business’ newsletter. 

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