Merseyside campaigners are calling for climate justice during COP28

Justice, Faith, and Environmental groups from Merseyside have joined campaigners around the world in calling for action to help those affected by the climate crisis.

The local groups include Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Christian Climate Action, Extinction Rebellion, Medact, Christian Aid, CAFOD, Save Rimrose, Port Sunlight River Park, and Save Oglet Shore.

As the annual UN conference on climate change – COP28 – takes place in Dubai, people are taking to the streets of Liverpool to demand urgent action, and a fair and just response to the climate and ecological emergency that we all face.

The Discobedience dancing and citizen survey is part of the Global Day of Climate Action with the Climate Justice Coalition on 9 December.  Members of the local groups can’t all get to London, so they are acting locally in Liverpool city centre. The fun action starts at 11am at Barclays in Lord Street, moving to near John Lewis around 1pm and then dances on to Parker Street, outside Clayton Square shopping centre around 2.30pm.

Other activities have included prayers for those most affected by the climate crisis, prayers outside Anela Eagle MP’s office and a prayer walk on 5 December and a placard-making workshop attended by members of the Cool Wirral faith community working with Christian Aid, Fridays4Future Liverpool, and Faiths4Change.  

The aim is to highlight the suffering of communities who have done little to contribute to climate change and yet are among those hardest hit when extreme weather destroys crops and washes away homes and remembering that here in the UK it will be the poorest and most disadvantaged who can’t afford food when shortages hit, or to insure their homes against storm or flood damage.

Anne Litherland, parishioner of Holy Apostles and Martyrs’ parish, Wallasey said, “Whilst we are all, to some extent, weathering the storm of climate change, we are not all in the same boat. For example, parts of Kenya and Somalia have been experiencing drought and chronic water shortages linked to the climate crisis for years now. This is unfair; they don’t have the same resources to deal with the crisis and have done the least to contribute to it.  

“That responsibility lies with countries like the UK, which need to cut emissions and fund climate action at home and abroad, and the fossil fuel giants which make vast profits while causing untold damage.”   

COP28 is the 28th annual UN meeting on climate, which this year is taking place in Dubai, (from 30 November- 12 December). Governments meet to agree steps to limit global temperature rises and tackle climate change.  

The Climate Justice Coalition and supporters are calling on governments to commit to climate finance for the people and countries most affected by the crisis, and ensure big polluters contribute their share. It is also calling for a ban on new fossil fuel projects.  

Image: Markus Spiske

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