Merseyside alt-rockers ‘Waiting Till Marriage’ hit back with fresh new single ‘Great Britain’s Fate’

Merseyside alt-rockers Waiting Till Marriage deliver a raw and sensational new tune with a relevant and youthful insight into political matters. ‘Great Britain’s Fate’, written at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and recorded earlier this year, proposes the idea of incompetency within the UK’s leadership.

With the line “At least I’m not responsible for Great Britain’s fate”, singer Johnson states he’s not the right person for the job, however, there must be someone better.

Bursting into the underground scene in mid-2021, Liverpool group Waiting Till Marriage have quickly made their mark by releasing five singles: Ripping Us Apart, Stop Telling Me How To Dress, Strawberry Girl, Three Times, Oh My Love, and signing to indie label Jacaranda Records.

Based in musical hot spot Liverpool, they take their influence from local legends such as Circa Waves and The Wombats and repeatedly vary their catalogue with anthemic alt-rock (Three Times) and juxtaposing ballads (Strawberry Girl).

They have played many of Merseyside’s legendary venues such as O2 Academy, Hangar 34, Arts Club Loft, and in 2022, performed alongside top local acts Zuzu and Spinn.

Relatable to the likes of Declan Mckenna or Sam Fender, their latest single ‘Great Britain’s Fate’ takes a stand against current political issues in the UK suggesting the need for “a new political system”.

Johnson states, “This song has been particularly exciting, for the first time we’ve had people critique our work in a serious way, to the point that each aspect of the song feels like it carries more weight than usual.

“The aim of the song is to get others to identify an issue, whether listeners agree or disagree is almost irrelevant, at least conversation on the matter is now occurring”.

The new song is set for release on 10 March, just prior to their first headline of the year at EBGBS, Liverpool, on 24 March.

Image credit: Lewis Barker

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