Mersey Maritime stands with people of Ukraine

In an impassioned statement, the CEO of Birkenhead based Mersey Maritime has said, “Our entire maritime family stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.”

CEO Chris Shirling-Rooke, said, “As with many millions of people around the world we have looked on with horror and dismay at Russia’s assault on Ukraine which is an unprovoked, premeditated attack on a sovereign and democratic state.

He went on to say that the thoughts of everyone at Mersey Maritime “are with the Ukrainian people and their families.”

He drew particular attention to those who have been displaced by the conflict or suffered the loss of their family members while admiring the grit, determination, and resistance of the people on the ground in the face of aggression from their neighbouring country, saying that it is “an inspiration to us albeit that we regret it is necessary.”

Mr Shirling-Rooke continued, “From our port city of Liverpool, it is heart rendering to see the destruction unleashed on the coastal areas of Ukraine.

“Who could fail to be moved to see the ruthless destruction of significant places such as the port city of Mariupol which, having suffered a relentless and sustained shelling bombardment, is understood to be near to a human catastrophe?”

Mr Shirling-Rooke expressed Mersey Maritime’s solidarity with the people of Ukraine and concluded by saying, “It is our earnest wish that diplomacy will result in a swift end to the conflict, on the back of strong economic sanctions against the aggressor state, so that the lives and livelihoods of so many will be protected and restored as soon as possible.”

The Disasters Emergency Committee has launched a special Ukraine Appeal and the UK Government will match donations from the public pound-for-pound starting with £20 million.

Image: Chris Shirling-Rooke, Mersey Maritime CEO

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