Members at The Blue Coat School vote overwhelmingly for industrial action

The National Education Union (NEU) has announced that in a recent indicative ballot, members at The Blue Coat School in Liverpool have demonstrated their commitment to their cause by voting overwhelmingly in favour of industrial action.

The results of the indicative ballot reveal an impressive 100% turnout among nearly 70 NEU members, with an emphatic 93% voting in favour of pursuing industrial action.

The purpose of the indicative ballot was to gauge whether members were willing to take industrial action in response to concerns related to transparency, accountability, and leadership within the school.

NEU members have expressed dissatisfaction with the governance and leadership of the school and despite numerous promises made to NEU workplace representatives and union officials over the past few months, the employer has failed to address critical issues.

These concerns include an unmanageable workload and unsatisfactory arrangements for the allocation of work, ineffective school mechanisms for negotiation and consultation, and safety concerns arising from dilapidated premises/equipment and management cultures.

Graham Copsey, Joint-Secretary of Liverpool NEU Branch, emphasised the urgency, “The situation demands action. Our members deserve transparency, fairness, and respect. If the employer does not take our concerns seriously, we must explore all avenues available to us. Industrial action is always the last resort for our members. Unfortunately, we have exhausted all avenues for amicable resolution. Our members stand united in our pursuit of fair treatment and respect.”

A statement from the school said, “While clearly there are things that our staff want to raise, and we want to work collaboratively with the union to address, it is much harder to do this when the detail they are providing is very different from the information that we believe to be correct and accurate.”

“What we can say is that, even as recently as the start of this week, we wrote to staff saying that we are committed to reviewing any concerns that have been presented and resolving any issues that may exist. This commitment remains.”


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