Match Report – EFL Trophy – Tranmere Rovers 2 (3), Wigan Athletic 2 (1)

Match Report – EFL TROPHY
NORTHERN GROUP D Tranmere Rovers 0, Wigan Athletic 0

1′ 18:30 KICK OFF!

2′ Foul by Lloyd (TR) on James (WA)

4′ Wigan corner, Conceded by Ridehalgh.

6′ Two attempts on goal. First form Keane (WA) shoots but is blocked. Second, from Aasgaard (WA) shoots down the middle, but is saved.

7′ Lloyd (TR) finds space on the left a pass attempt is intercepted

10′ Foul by Smith (TR) on Obi (WA)

15′ Foul by Walker-Rice (TR) on Merrie (WA)

17′ Saved attempt. Lloyd (TR) shoots from a difficult angle, buit is saved.

19′ GOAL! Tranmere Rovers 0, Wigan Athletic 1. Keane (WA) close-range header into the top right corner.

22′ Foul by Crankshaw (WA) on Ray (TR)

26′ Smith (TR) beats the Wigan keeper to the ball and tries to score, but misses the target.

27′ Pearce (WA) nice cross which skids across the front of the goal but nobody could tap it in.

29′ Woolery shoots from the edge of the box but the Wigan goalie isn’t troubled by it.

33′ Hand ball. Smith (TR)

34′ Wigan corner. Conceded by Nelson.

37′ Blocked attempt. Crankshaw (WA) right footed shot from the centre of the box is blocked. Assisted by Chris Merrie.

40′ Missed attempt. Lloyd (TR) left footed shot from outside the box is high and wide to the left.

42′ Wigan – Offside. Evans tries a through ball, but Crankshaw is offside.

44′ Walker-Rice takes a shot at the Wigan goal, but Long (WA) blocks it. Out for a corner.

45+3′ | GOAL! An instant response from the visitors with an unstoppable effort. McHugh (WA) right footed shot from outside the box. Nice to score on your first senior start!

First Half ends, Tranmere Rovers 1, Wigan Athletic 2.

Second half begins, Tranmere Rovers 1, Wigan Athletic 2.

45′ Substitution, Wigan Athletic. Joseph replaces Keane.

46′ Foul by Ray (TR) on Crankshaw (WA)

48′ Missed attempt. James (WA) right footed shot from the right side of the box is close, but misses to the right.

50′ Missed attempt. Joseph (WA) right footed shot from outside the box misses to the right

54′ Attempt saved. Walker-Rice (TR) left footed shot from outside the box is saved in the bottom right corner.

55′ Foul by Ray (TR) on Crankshaw (WA)

56′ Foul by Khan (TR) on McHugh (WA)

58′ Foul by Aasgaard (WA) on Morris (TR)

60′ Foul by Aasgard (WA) on Khan (TR)

61′ Foul by Morrix (TR) on James (WA)

62′ Foul by Ferrier (TR) on Obi (WA)

64′ Wigan substitution. Webber is on and Pearce is off.

64′ Foul by Khan (TR) on James (WA)

65′ Foul by Webber (WA) on Ferrier (TR)

65′ Blocked attempt Assisted by Khan with a cross, Smith (TR) header is blocked.

68′ Foul by Aasgaard (WA) on Banks (TR)

68′ Foul by Ray (TR) on Crankshaw (WA)

69′ Missed attempt. James (WA) direct free kick goes over the bar.

71′ Saved attempt. McHugh (WA) shoots from outside the box but is saved in the top centre of the goal.

74′ Foul by Joseph (WA) on Nelson (TR)

74′ Offside, Tranmere Rovers. Khan tries a through ball, but Smith is offside.

75′ Tranmere corner conceded by Perry.

76′ Foul by Ferrier (TR on Merrie (WA)

78′ Foul by Merrie (WA) on Ferrier (TR)

78′ Wigan substitution. Baningime is on for Aasgaard.

83′ Saved attempt. Crankshaw is one-on-one with the Tranmere goalie. Great save from Murphy.

85′ Foul by Melson (TR) on Joseph (WA)

85′ Wigan corner, conceded by Murphy as he palms away a cross ball.

87′ Wigan corner, conceded by Ray.

88′ Foul by Merrie (WA) on Lloyd (TR)

90′ Tranmere corner, conceded by James.

90′ 4 added minutes.

90+1′ Yellow card. McHugh (WA) is yellow carded for a bad foul on Lloyd (TR)

90+3′ Missed attempt. Banks (TR) shoots from 25 yards.

90+5′ FINAL WHISTLE: Game ends Tranmere 2, Wigan Athletic 2


SAVE! Ferrier (TR) Shot is saved.

GOAL! James (WA) Scores.

GOAL! Lloyd (TR) scores.

SAVE! Joseph (WA) Shot is saved.

SAVE! Smith (TR) Shot is saved.

SAVE! Perry (WA) Shot is saved.

GOAL! Banks (TR) scores.

SAVE! Crankshaw (AW) Shot is saved.

GOAL! Morris (TR) scores putting Tranmere through!

Penalty Shootout ends, Tranmere Rovers 2(3), Wigan Athletic 2(1).

Tranmere Rovers
13 Murphy
21 Ray
4 Nelson
5 Ellis
3 Ridehalgh (C)
28 Banks
20 Walker-Rice
17 Khan
35 Lloyd
29 Smith
14 Woolery

1 Davies
24 Hayde
25 Nugent
11 Blackett-Taylor
7 Morris
27 Burton
10 Ferrier

Wigan Athletic
25 Evans
3 Pearce
10 Keane
19 Crankshaw
20 Obie
23 Merrie
24 Perry
27 James (C)
30 Aasgaard
32 Long
42 McHugh

31 Tickle
37 Webber
28 Banningime
38 O’Neill
22 Joseph
26 Jolley

Tranmere Rovers F.C.