Match Report – Tranmere Rovers 5, Grimsby Town 0

Match Report – League 2 – Tranmere Rovers 5, Grimsby Town 0

1′ KICK OFF! Grimsby’s Rose gets the game started.

1′ Foul by Gibson (GT) on Monthe (TR)

3′ Foul by Morris (TR) on Clifton (GT)

3′ Waterfall (GT) passes to Williams who is offside.

4′ Missed attempt. Early chance for Tranmere. Vaughan who can’t keep his shot down from 12 yards out.

8′ Tranmere corner. Conceded by Waterfall (GT)

9′ Blocked attempt. Blackett-Taylor’s shot is blocked.

14′ Foul by Waterfall (GT) on Vaughan (TR)

15′ Foul by Khan (TR) on Edwards (GT)

16′ Tranmere offside. Blackett-Taylor

17′ Foul by Pollock (GT) on Vaughan (TR)

20′ Missed attempt. Impressive play from Tranmere, but Blackett-Taylor fire it wide to the left.

21′ Foul by Gibson (GT) on MacDonald (TR)

21′ Blocked attempt. Gibson (GT) shoots but is blocked.

22′ Grimsby corner, conceded by Spearing (TR)

23′ Missed attempt. Taylor (GT) heads in, but it is too high.

24′ Foul by Gibson (GT) on O’Conner (TR)

25′ Foul by Gibson (GT) on Monthe (TR)

26′ Foul by Vaughan (TR) on Williams (GT)

27′ Tranmere corner, conceded by Rose (GT)

28′ PENALTY! Tranmere are awarded a penalty for a foul in the area by Rose (GT)

35′ Yellow card. Grimsby’s Hendrie is shown the yellow for a bad foul.

36′ Foul by Vaughan (TR) on Clifton (GT)

37′ Grimsby corner, conceded by Vaughan (TR)

39′ Substitution. Grimsby, Williams is off and Preston is on.

39′ Foul by Edwards (GT) on Spearing (TR)

39′ Foul by Morris (TR) on Edwards (GT)

41′ Foul by Spearing (TR) on Edwards (GT)

42′ Missed attempt. Gibson (GT) misses to the right with a left-footed shot.

45′ Missed attempt. Edwards (GT) shoots and is close, but misses to the right.

45+3′ HALF TIME. Tranmere Rovers 4, Grimsby Town 0. A SPECTACULAR first half with goals-a-plenty for Tranmere. Surely, Grimsby are buried too deep in goals to make a comeback?

Second half begins, Tranmere Rovers 4, Grimsby Town 0.

46′ Foul by Spearing (TR) on Edwards (GT)

47′ Foul by Edwards (GT) on Spearing (TR)

49′ Offside. Grimsby’s Gibson is caught offside.

52′ Missed attempt. Windsor (GT) shoots, but misses to the left.

55′ Offside. Tranmere’s Feeney passes along to Vaughan who is offside.

55′ Substitution. Grimsby – Green replaces Gibson and Hewitt replaces Taylor.

57′ Foul by Pollock (GT) on Morris (TR)

58′ Foul by Green (GT) on Morris (TR)

62′ Another Grimsby double substitution. Wright on for Rose and Scannell on for Windsor.

65′ Yellow Card. Waterfall is shown the yellow for a bad foul on Blackett-Taylor.

76′ Blocked attempt. Clifton (GT) has a stab at goal, but his shot is blocked.

79′ Yellow Card. Monthe (TR) sees yellow as a reward for a bad foul on Grimsby’s Edwards.

84′ Foul by Pollock (GT) on Ferrier (TR)

87′ Even Grimsby’s twitter has given up. Their latest tweet just says, “Five”

90+2′ Foul by Lewis (TR) on Wright (GT)

90+4′ FINAL WHISTLE: Game ends Tranmere 5, Grimsby Town 0. Two from Vaughan, and one each from Clarke, Khan, and Lewis. Great stuff!

This #SWA fan had a one word tweet to beat even Grimsby’s!

Tranmere Rovers
1 Davies
2 O’Connor
26 Clarke
6 Monthe
18 MacDonald
8 Spearing
19 Feeney
17 Khan
7 Morris
9 Vaughan
11 Blackett-Taylor

4 Nelson
10 Ferrier
13 Murphy
14 Woolery
22 Lewis
28 Banks
35 Lloyd-McGoldrick

Referee: Marc Edwards

Grimsby Town
1 McKeown
2 HendrieBooked at 35mins
6 Waterfall
25 Pollock
15 Clifton
20 Edwards
26 Taylor
4 Rose
10 Williams
12 Gibson
8 Windsor

3 Preston
7 Green
11 Scannell
13 Battersby
14 Spokes
19 Wright
22 Hewit

Tranmere Rovers F.C.