Massive summer ahead as Wirral reaches key point in regeneration plans

Summer 2023 is set to be a pivotal moment in Wirral’s hugely ambitious regeneration programme.

The next few months will give the people of the borough a unique chance to have their say on the next steps.

Over July, August, and September there will be consultations on a range of projects, each of which will be key in transforming the borough’s Left Bank.

The consultations are being brought forward to get the views of as many people who live, work and visit Wirral as possible.

Leader of Wirral Council, Cllr Paul Stuart, said, “It is vital that people use this opportunity now to tell us their views, ideas, concerns and hopes about the proposals and regeneration plans the council is working on.

“It is a key point in the process when people can make sure their voice is heard, and Wirral’s regeneration delivers positive change, building a brighter future for Wirral and our residents.

“Together we can make Wirral an even better place to live, work, visit, start and grow our families and support businesses in creating employment opportunities.”

The forthcoming consultations will also be putting an even greater emphasis on engaging with the people face to face through the use of the innovative BirkenEd’s Place, where people can “drop in” and find out more about the plans being consulted on.

The engagement in BirkenEd’s Place is being led by independent local social enterprise PLACED and by using a shop unit in the town centre it provides an easily accessible location for people to call in and get involved in the plans.

BirkenEd’s Place first opened last year in the town centre as a way of letting even more people find out more about the key projects in Wirral’s ambitious regeneration plans, and following the local elections re-opened on June 12.

Following an exhibition of work by the University of Liverpool’s School of Architecture and School of Urban Design a major new consultation will be starting in BirkenEd’s Place: Development and Supporting Communities consultation will begin on 28 June and continue to 11 July.

Major investment is starting to take place in Birkenhead and the Left Bank areas but it is recognised that there are many other challenges which people want to see addressed beyond change in the physical surroundings.

The Development and Supporting Communities consultation will be asking what people want to see that would make the greatest difference to the lives of those who live and spend time in the communities of the area. It will seek to look at these challenges and priorities, and how people’s concerns can be addressed so that the regeneration people want and need is delivered.

July will also see consultations on the Northside area, adjacent to the Wirral Waters site, which will both take place from 12-22 July. Later in the month the ideas for Dock Branch Park Neighbourhood will be back for consideration by the people live, work, and visit Birkenhead, from 24 July to 5 August.

The plans being suggested for Northside would result in purpose-built business and employment accommodation.

The Dock Branch Park is an innovative use of a former railway line which cuts across part of central Birkenhead and is intended to become the centrepiece of the proposed new Dock Branch Neighbourhood through creative use of the surrounding sites. The park would provide much needed greenspace within the heart of the town and it is important that people come forward and discuss the ideas for how they would like to see this neighbourhood develop.

There are also proposals for Scott’s Quay, also next to the Wirral Waters site, which would see the opportunity for new residential development and an improved environment which are due to be put forward for the public’s views later in the summer.

In addition, August will see consultations on Masterplans for The Woodside waterfront area as well as the town centre Commercial district and the Charing Cross area being brought forward.

More details of how to take part in these consultations will be made available as they get underway and you can sign up for the WirralView newsletter  or drop into BirkenEd’s Place for more information.

BirkenEd’s Place is at 8-10 Borough Pavement, Grange Precinct, Birkenhead, and is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 11-4.30pm and Saturday 11-4pm for people to drop in, chat, have a cuppa and take part in some of the consultations.

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