Man who stabbed his mum after bingo sentenced

A 48-year-old man has been sentenced for the attempted murder of his mother and for stabbing a neighbour who tried to stop the attack.

Marc Weaver appeared at Chester Crown Court on Wednesday 30 August, where he was handed an indefinite hospital order with restrictions.

Weaver, of Cumeragh Lane, Preston, had been previously found guilty of attempted murder and section 18 assault following an eight-day trial at Chester Crown Court which concluded on Wednesday 5 July.

The sentence follows an incident that occurred sometime around midnight on Monday 11 July 2022.

The victim, a 73-year-old woman, arrived at her home address on Hope Farm Road after being out to play bingo with her friend.

Unbeknownst to the victim, her son, Marc Weaver, was waiting for her to return home. As she pulled onto the driveway, he opened the car door and stabbed her multiple times while she was sat in the driver’s seat.

Two of the victim’s neighbours were awoken by the sounds of screams and a car horn.

The first neighbour, on seeing the commotion from his bedroom window, ran over and grappled with Weaver in a bid to save the victim. He was bitten by Weaver in the process.

The second neighbour then tried to assist before being stabbed in the leg by Weaver.

Weaver then fled the scene, leaving his mother and her neighbours badly injured.

Emergency services attended the scene, and the victim was taken to Aintree Hospital and rushed into surgery to work on the critical injuries the stabbing had caused, including a puncture to her windpipe. Her neighbour was also taken to surgery for his injuries.

An investigation was launched which revealed that Weaver had taped two knives together to use as a weapon during the attack. As a result, both victims had sustained double puncture wounds.

Weaver was quickly located and arrested nearby, he was subsequently charged with the attempted murder of his mother, as well as section 18 assault on her neighbour.

Detective Inspector David Hutcheon said, “This was an absolutely terrifying ordeal for the victims in this case.

“He tried to murder his own Mother and was willing to harm anyone who got in his way – even injuring her neighbour who tried to help her.

“I hope there is some closure to the victims and their families now that this man has been detained in hospital indefinitely.”


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