Man sentenced for murder of Mark Roberts in New Brighton

A man has been jailed for life today for killing Mark Roberts in New Brighton on New Year’s Day this year.

Officers were called to Rakersfield Road at 10.25pm that day by paramedics who were treating the 57-year-old for a stab wound.  He was taken to Arrowe Park Hospital where he sadly died a short time later.

A Home Office Post Mortem later confirmed Mr Roberts, from New Brighton, died from a single stab wound.

His neighbour Ian Martyn Holden, 39, of Rakersfield Road, New Brighton was arrested and later charged, and was today jailed for life at Liverpool Crown Court after pleading guilty to manslaughter due to diminished responsibility. He must serve a minimum of eight years, 17 days before being considered for parole.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Nilsen said: “This has been an extremely difficult year for Mr Roberts’ family as they have had to come to terms with a future without him, and the knowledge that he died in such violent circumstances.

“Holden’s actions not only ended Mr Roberts’ life, they left his family and friends faced with the immense pain of grief at a time of the year when many people are looking forward.

“Anyone who chooses to pick up a knife in anger risks this tragic conclusion – one man has been robbed of the life he could have had ahead of him, and another has robbed himself of his liberty.

“We will continue to use extensive resources to target offenders who store, carry and use weapons in our communities to protect the public of Merseyside from further incidents such as this.

“My hope is that Holden spends his time receiving treatment in custody to reflect on the full impact his actions have had on Mr Roberts’ loved ones, and that when he is finally released he no longer poses a threat to society.”