Man gets five year ban keeping animals after puppy had fractures to legs, hip, ribs and jaw

A man has been given a five year ban on keeping all animals after admitting to inflicting multiple injuries on his puppy and failing to get veterinary treatment for her.

Perry Jones of Huyton, Liverpool, pleaded guilty to three animal welfare offences after his 18 week-old English Bull Terrier puppy called Lola was found with numerous injuries consistent with blunt force trauma.

X-rays showed Lola had fractures to two legs, her hip, four ribs and her jaw had been fractured twice. 

Veterinary examinations concluded the injuries were caused at different times. She also had an injury to her ear when she was rescued and had a red mark on her head.

Liverpool Magistrates heard on Thursday 10 March how the RSPCA were called to investigate following reports from a concerned member of the public about the welfare of the puppy.

RSPCA inspector Lisa Lupson visited Jones’ address on 24 February last year and found the puppy to be ‘very lethargic and quiet’.

”Rather than walking normally she dragged herself to me, dragging her back end and this is when I noticed that she was completely non weight bearing on her left hind leg and struggling to walk.

“I also noticed that her left ear was hanging low and was swollen with a large scab visible on the inner ear flap.  

“I can only describe her as very miserable and sad.“

Jones initially said Lola had on-going medical issues and that he had taken her to the vet’s two days ago but then admitted he hadn’t and claimed she had suffered injuries when she fell down the stairs. He later admitted to inflicting multiple injuries at court.

Lisa rushed Lola to Greater Manchester Animal Hospital for urgent veterinary attention.

Vets at the animal hospital initially found Lola to be lame in her left hind leg and she was found to have a fracture to this limb and underwent surgery to correct this. She also had treatment for a scab forming on her left ear.

Further examinations and x-rays found she had a healing fracture on her right back leg, a hip fracture, three rib fractures on her left side and one on her right which it is believed were inflicted six weeks before  She also had a fractured jaw on both sides which again were not recent as they had started to heal.

An independent veterinary expert told the court, “There are no explanations as to how Lola may have accidentally sustained four rib fractures and two jaw fractures. 

“Fracture of the ribs and jaw are not consistent with falling downstairs and the injuries are repetitive, having occurred on a number of different occasions.

“These fractures are a common abuse finding in cats and dogs. In animal abuse cases, rib fractures may occur due to the focal application of force, which includes the animal being struck, kicked, stomped or thrown against a blunt object. The finding of bilateral rib fractures is a strong suspicious indicator of physical abuse.”

As well as the ban on keeping animals, which he can contest in three years, Jones was also given a Community Order for 18 months and must complete 25 Rehabilitation Activity Requirements days and was given a 10-week curfew between 8pm and 6am. He was also ordered to pay £1,000 costs and a £95 victim surcharge.

In mitigation, the court was told Jones had suffered from depression in the past.

Lola has since been rehabilitated by the Wirral and  Chester branch of the RSPCA and is about to start her new life in her new forever home with a family.

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