Malik is back in the fast lane thanks to Bionic Buddy

Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton should remember the name Malik Muzzally.

There’s no stopping the 10-year-old since the Steve Morgan Foundation paid for his Tomcat bike to be battery-powered.

The youngster lives in Blacon, Chester, and has a rare progressive condition called Collagen VI-related myopathy, which affects his muscles and connective tissue and prevents him using a standard bicycle.

Two years ago the Steve Morgan Foundation paid for the purchase of a specialist Tomcat bike, which Malik used to get to and from Dee Point Primary School in Blacon.

However, as his condition deteriorated, he was unable to use his bike and began putting on weight during Covid as he had to shield and wasn’t able to do daily physical activity.

Dad Sami explained, “He used to sit by the window rather than go out.”

After being approached the Steve Morgan Foundation paid £1,300 for a ‘Bionic Buddy’ so that Malik’s Tomcat could be battery-operated.

His father said, “The Bionic Buddy is like a battery that powers the bike so if Malik gets tired he just flicks a switch. You wouldn’t believe the change it has made.

“It has given him more independence and has changed his life. It’s lovely to see him smile again. Thank you to the Steve Morgan Foundation.”

Malik also has a four-year-old sister called Malika and a two-year-old brother called Ahmad.

Steve Morgan CBE, who founded the Steve Morgan Foundation in 2001, said, “Helping people like Malik is the reason we launched the Enable Fund and it’s great to see him out and about having fun.”

The Steve Morgan Foundation’s Enable Fund supports people of all ages in financial hardship, who are in need of specialised equipment, including mobility aids, wheelchairs, buggies, wheelchairs and trikes.

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