Magenta progressing with tree replacement programme in Moreton

Magenta Living has a principal aim of providing quality homes in safe and sustainable neighbourhoods, which includes the incorporation of green spaces and trees.

The effective management and maintenance of communal green spaces is recognized as crucial in nurturing nature within these neighbourhoods.

Between November 2022 and January 2023, a survey of over 3,000 trees was carried out by Magenta Living in collaboration with their specialist tree contractor, Idverde. The survey identified that work was necessary for 600 trees, which mainly involved cutting back and trimming. However, 120 trees were found to require removal.

Magenta Living never fells trees unless they pose a risk to the safety of people and property or cause damage or disturbance to pathways and footpaths. Diseased trees are also removed, but healthy trees are never taken down.

Carmen Muir, Magenta Living’s Assets & Sustainability Director, said, “Our plan is to replace these 120 trees with new trees in suitable locations and we have recently completed phase one of the project by planting 60 trees across our communal blocks and open spaces.

“We will look to plant a minimum of 60 trees each year before the next survey at the end of 2025. This will increase our stock as we will plant 180 trees – 60 more than we have had to remove.

“We survey our trees every 3 years, working with our contractor.  As part of our climate change and environmental improvement, we have £50,000 of planned tree works over 3 years to take our tree stock to over 3,000 trees. Investing correctly in trees and green spaces is vital – trees are so important in tackling climate change, they absorb pollutants, give us oxygen, they are habitat to birds and insects, create canopy and shade and add a more natural environment to an urban area giving a sense of wellbeing.”

Three trees have recently been planted on Lyons Road in Moreton and one resident was so happy with them, after questioning why they were being removed.  Mr Whittingham said, “After initially being worried about trees being removed, I’m so pleased to see the instant impact these new trees have had, and I am looking forward to seeing them mature and enjoying all the benefits they will bring to our community.”

Magenta is also looking to introduce wildflower meadows that will need fewer cuts each year and will also benefit the local wildlife.

Image: Greg and Diane from Magenta Living with Mr Whittingham

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